The Reason Piers Morgan Just Blasted Daniel Craig

The Reason Piers Morgan Just Blasted Daniel Craig

The impetus for Piers Morgan’s criticism of Daniel Craig was sartorial in nature, and focused on a pink velvet blazer Craig wore during his latest film’s premiere. Morgan expressed his disdain for the fashion choice in a tweet presumably sent following the event, featuring a photo of Craig’s outfit (pictured above). “O dear O (7) dear,” Morgan wrote in his caption, seemingly attempting to make a James Bond pun a la Internet visual cues. “James Bond would never wear a garish pink suede dinner jacket.” 

Morgan’s fixation on the color choice of Craig’s jacket — pink — seems to jibe with a similar insult Morgan threw his way in 2018, when Morgan posted on social media that Craig was an “#emasculatedBond” in response to a picture of Craig carrying his then-infant daughter in a papoose. In this regard, Craig is hardly the first person or entity Morgan has used to project onto his outdated views of masculinity. 

In 2019, The Independent wrote extensively about Morgan’s underlying affinity with men’s rights activists after he expressed his outrage over a Gillette razor ad, which incorporated the #MeToo movement. In March, Morgan expressed similar sentiments over the gender neutral rebranding of the children’s toy, Potato Head. At the time, TV personality Susanna Reid put forward the idea his fury over a hollow potato-shaped piece of plastic and its relation to orthodox binary gender expression could be a sign of Morgan’s “fragile masculinity.”


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