The reason behind postpone of The Family Man season 2

The decision for renewal status for Family Man was taken soon after the hit of season 1. The much-awaited season 2 of Amazon Prime Video action thriller web series The Family Man is postponed to May.

The maker’s Raj and Dk had already released a teaser of season 2. ┬áThis left fans all waiting for the release of the trailer. But, to date, no trailer has been released by makers. Season 2 was slated to release in Feb 2021 but later postponed to summer. Through their official Twitter handle, the maker’s Raj and DK thanked fans for their love and support and announced the release of kick-ass season 2 in the summer.

The Family Man season 2

The expectations from Season 2 will be high as per the makers. But it has already been one month there is no news of the trailer itself.

Earlier, rumors of the cancellation of The Family Man season 2 were circulating on social media. But the lead actor Manoj Bajpayee refuted the reports claiming them baseless.

The reason to postpone season 2 is not made public by makers and streaming platform Amazon. But season 2 is said to be ready after reshooting some scenes. The continuous postponement has left fans in desperation.

The reason behind postpone of The Family Man season 2
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