The Real Reason Taryn Manning Ended Her Engagement

The Real Reason Taryn Manning Ended Her Engagement

It appears that Taryn Manning is not one to sit still and stay single. TMZ reports that the “Sons of Anarchy” actor has already moved on to a new relationship — this time, with a man. Although mainly linked to women, Manning has clarified in the past that she actually prefers to date men, even describing herself as “straight” to People in 2017.

But, regardless of gender, a new lover probably isn’t the actual reason that Manning decided not to marry Anne Cline. According to TMZ, Manning only accepted Cline’s proposal in the first place because she felt “put on the spot.”. The singer-songwriter popped the question to Manning onstage during one of her performances — a “no” answer would definitely have been awkward. It’s possible that the “Hustle and Flow” actor felt pressured to say yes, only to change her mind once she had time to think things through.

Of course, the only people who truly know what happened are Manning and Cline. All we can do (apart from speculating), is wish them both well.


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