The Real Reason Padma Lakshmi Thought She’d Never Be A Mother

The Real Reason Padma Lakshmi Thought She'd Never Be A Mother

Despite the busy schedule that comes along with filming “Top Chef,” Padma Lakshmi always makes time for her daughter Krishna.

She opened up to Bravo and revealed that her daughter actually grew up on-set. “She feels a great proprietorship over ‘Top Chef.’ She’s grown up on set. So, she feels like she’s part of the crew,” Lakshmi told the outlet. However, being a working mom does not come without its challenges. “I don’t do it all at once,” Lakshmi explained. “I may do a lot, but I don’t do it all at once, you know. So, you just have to understand what the short-term priorities are and what the long-term priorities are.”

She also penned a touching note to Krishna on Mother’s Day and it’s clear their bond is truly unbreakable. “For me motherhood has been the most positive force in my life,” she wrote on Instagram in May. “Through this difficult period we’ve grown even closer and she has been such a light. I am utterly privileged to be her mom.”


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