The Real Reason Jeannie Mai Is Waiting To Find Out The Sex Of Her Baby

The Real Reason Jeannie Mai Is Waiting To Find Out The Sex Of Her Baby

Since announcing the arrival of “Baby Jenkins” on September 20, Jeannie Mai shared adorable pictures of her growing baby bump, as well as an adorable clip of her husband Jay “Jeezy” Jenkins listening to the baby’s heartbeat. “He changed my playlist forever,” Mai wrote. Of course, some may now be wondering if they’re having a boy or a girl (or both). But there’s a reason Mai hasn’t revealed the baby’s sex yet — she simply doesn’t want to know.

In a new interview with WWD, Mai explained why she’d rather wait until birth. “That makes things more exciting rather than defining the baby with pink skirts or blue corduroy shorts,” she said. “I’m getting everything because I want the baby to have options.” For Mai, it’s been awakening to see how much planning can change once you know the baby’s sex. “I’ve already gotten Air Jordans from a friend for the baby that could be great for a boy or a girl,” she continued. “It makes me see, ‘What do you think of when you break yourself out of the expectation of what a boy or a girl wears?'”

Though the baby’s sex is still unknown, what’s certain is that it’s already being showered with love. “I found the biggest Teddy Bear for Baby Mai Jenkins!!!” Loni Love shared on Twitter, posting a picture of a giant teddy. “Come through nursery!!!!! Congratulations again @jeanniemai and @jeezy #auntieloni @therealdaytime.”


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