The Oval Season 2 Episode 14 Return and Release Date: When will it come back on BET?

The second edition of Tyler Perry’s The Oval kicked off on February 16, 2021. Within few months, the second installment has turned out to be a big hit. Now, after the mid-season finale, the audience is hunting around for the return date of season 2, episode 14, and here is the latest news.

The Oval is one of the top-rated scripted television shows in the U.S. Recently, the show came up with its second edition, and the fans are loving it. We are already halfway to the season and have experienced a roller coaster ride of thrill. Tyler Perry, the main attraction of the show, has impressed the audience, and they are now waiting for episode 14 to be back on the air.

The Oval Season 2

The Oval Season 2 Episode 14 Return Updates

It’s been a long that the fans are anticipating episode 14. But unfortunately, the wait will not end so early. As per the latest reports from TVLine, it will most probably pop out on Tuesday, June 20, 2021. Although it’s a bit disappointing, this will give Bet an adequate time frame, a solid blueprint and will cut off the time between season 2 and season 3 of The Oval.

The filming of The Oval Season 2 was wrapped up long ago. But, due to the covid-19 pandemic, the post-production work was at a halt. So, the makers took so much time to release the new season. Soon the show creators are expected to start the race for season 3.

So make sure to stay tuned to get all details about the upcoming seasons.


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