The Morning Show Season 2 Episode 7: Is Steve Carell Taking An Exit?

We imagined that The Morning Show season 2 episode 7 was going to contain a number of big events. What we did not expect in advance is that would be the installment where Steve Carell leaves the show.

Did we think that Carell would depart the show eventually? Sure. After the events of season 1 plus Mitch’s overseas departure, it was hard to fully imagine a way in which he became a full-time part of the TMS world again.

The Morning Show Season 2 Episode 7: Is Steve Carell Taking An Exit?

However, seeing him killed off in the way in which it happened was certainly stunning. Mitch is gone and now, Alex will simply move forward. We imagine that these events will stick with her, but that will probably not come as all that much of a surprise. How would they not? This is someone she has such a lengthy history with.

We give Steve a great deal of credit for his portrayal of Mitch, largely due to the fact that he was an extremely unlikable character who viewers probably are not going to miss. This is not always an easy person to play, especially when you are an actor beloved for The Office and a handful of other roles in your career. Yet, Carell dove into this part with the same commitment he would any other. The show made the most of the story it had with him and now, it works to move forward.

Interestingly, the comparison we would draw to Mitch is Brody on Homeland. He was a character who was essential to the early story of the show, but eventually was removed once he had served his final purpose. We would argue that in the case of Homeland, he was probably kept around a little too longer — in this case, however, Mitch was removed at exactly the right time.

What did you think about the events of The Morning Show season 2 episode 7?

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