The Last Kingdom Season 5 release date, cast, trailer: Everything You Need To Know

British historical fiction television series was based on The Saxon Stories series of novels by Bernard Cornwill. The beautiful cinematography and magnificent action sequences in the last Four Seasons had allured the fans. Now, the Fifth Season is all set to return as the filming is already underway.

When is The Last Kingdom Season 5 Releasing?

Soon after the Premiere of Season 4 in April 2020, Netflix had announced that the show would be coming back with the fifth Season. The show usually sticks to an 18-month production cycle, but since the Covid Pandemic has pushed many things into ambiguity, the exact date is unknown.

The show’s filming has begun, though the location is not known because the Last Kingdom makers are usually very quiet to avoid any spoilers. The show could be expected to be released by the fall of 2021. An April or may release definitely out of the question as the list of shows releasing in April is already out on Netflix.

The Last Kingdom Season 5

Who will be the cast of The Last Kingdom Season 5?

The cast has not been confirmed, but Alexander Dreymon, who plays Uhtred of Bebbanburg, shall be returning as a lead. Emily Fox, who was last seen as Brida, giving birth alone in the woods, is also speculated to return.

Mark Rowley, Ewan Mitchell, and Arnas Fedaravicius are also expected to return as fan favorites. Adrian Schiller has also confirmed his role as Aethelhelm in Season 5. Besides this, Season 5 may also be welcoming a cameo by some notable celebrity.

Is The Last Kingdom Season 5 trailer out?

The show makers have released no details since the renewal’s announcement, and the trailer isn’t out. But it could be expected to be coming out in the next few months.

For more updates, Stay tuned.

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