The I-Land season 2 Release Date on Netflix: Cast, Plot, Everything Else

The latest sci-fi thriller is all set to hit the Netflix streaming platform, I-Land. By the looks of it, the TV-Series is loosely based on Lost, The Matrix, and The Hunger Games. The narrative is quite simple, it revolves around ten people who are strangled in an island without having a memory of what has happened.

The crucial characters of series are convicted criminals and they are on a death row. I-Land is more like an AI simulation which has been explicitly designed to redeem themselves so they can live in society again.

When will the second season of I-Land premiere?

The show is deemed as a miniseries, which also suggest that it will not return for a second season. However, if the TRPs of the show and rating increase then it might change the dynamics of the show.

the i land

As of now, it is completely tricky to predict if there will be a second season of I-Land. However, the premise suggests that a group of convicted criminals is put inside a virtual world where they have to face new challenges. In addition to this, there is a foe in their midst who is attempting for breaking the experiment.

The cast members of I-Land

The new cast has some new characters and if their avatars die in the virtual world, then they will also die in the real world. The cast member of the show as Alex Pettyfer, Michele Veintimilla, Gilles Geary, Anthony Lee Medina, and Kyle Schmid portraying Brody, Hayden, Mason, Donovan, and Moses respectively. The cast is not going to make a return unless there is a significant plot twist.

The only characters that survived the I-Land experience are Chase played by Natalie Martinez, Cooper played by Ronald Peet and KC played by Kate Bosworth, this character is still incarcerated. There is a highly likely chance that the show might explore an all-new narrative.

Sujeeth Kalyan
Sujeeth Kalyan
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