The House Edge When Playing Blackjack with Multiple Decks of Cards 

The Best Features of Playing Blackjack

Blackjack, also known as 21, is one of the most loved casino games in the USA. It is a title available in every traditional gambling venue, as well as every virtual gambling provider. For the players that are most interested in games of cards, blackjack and poker are the most favored options ever and all around the world.

Playing blackjack is also a real possibility even for the beginners, the game has simple rules, easy to pick-up vocabulary and it’s usually played at a fast pace. For this reason, its vibrant tempo, it is preferred by the users that enjoy a fast approach; opposite to those who enjoy the gradual build-up in games of poker.

In order to substantially increase your chances to win at blackjack, it is very useful to include the rewards offered by the online casinos. The most beneficial ones are the no deposit bonuses. All you have to do is to claim the promotion and respect its terms and conditions. This will allow you to withdraw the earnings obtained by using the bonus.

The structure of the game is very accessible to each category of players and the participants have to obtain the highest total in values of cards, 21 being the top limit. When a player gets more than 21 points, it’s called a bust and is automatically the losing hand. 

To count the total value of a playing hand, one must consider the cards that are 2 to 10 as their value. For example, 4 equals 4 points, 10 equals 10 points.  And the cards above 10, jack, queen and king, will also be counted as 10 points. The Ace can be used on two different values, as 1, or as 11, depending on its impact on the already dealt hand.

The game starts with each participant receiving 2 cards that will be visible to everyone, dealt face up. The players compete against the house, not against each other, and along the game they must decide if they want to be dealt more cards, or stop once they got 21 points, or the closest under value to 21.

The House Edge When Playing Blackjack with Multiple Decks of Cards 

House Edge In Blackjack Games

To many gamblers the number of card decks included in the game is a very important element to consider. As a general rule, it is best not to engage the games with six and eight decks of cards. These are considered to be the games with the highest house edge.

Without a doubt, the most profitable version is the one including a single deck of cards. Once the number of decks increases, so do the values in the house edge. For example, a single deck = 0.2% house edge, double deck = 0.5% house edge, 4 decks = 0.7% house edge, 6 decks = 0.7% and 8 decks = 0.8% house edge.

The casinos developed these versions of playing blackjack, adding multiple decks of cards, to obtain a better advantage. But this is not the only reason. More packs of cards, also means that it is more difficult to count the cards along the game. This method was very popular with the land-based casino players, starting the 60-70s period, after the launching of the “Beat the dealer” book.

Another casino advantage for using multiple packs of cards is that it offers a faster tempo to each played hand. The more hands are being played, the bigger the number of winnings for the casino.

Other Very Important Rules in Blackjack

The House Edge When Playing Blackjack with Multiple Decks of Cards 

The number of packs of cards is definitely having an impact on the chances the player will get. But this element is not the most important one. The payout of each game is what actually matters most.

Other rules, as well important for the outcome of a played hand, are the casino’s policy in the case of a soft 17 for the dealer and the policy for double down.

The dealer’s call when his hand is a soft 17 is established by each platform. The provider will discipline the dealer for every possible scenario, and for a hand with 17 as value, the dealer will know in advance if to hot or stand.  For the casinos that chose not to go ahead and draw one more card when landed on 17, the house edge is decreasing by 0.25%

For the double down policy, the player will or will not be allowed to double-down in the scenarios 9 – 11 and 10 – 11. Of course, allowing the player to double down, will lower the house edge.

If a player was dealt double Aces, allowing the split is again lowering the house edge. Also, a double down after splitting cards will cause a decrease in the value of house edge.

The best option in blackjack games is the one that holds as many profitable rules as possible. This will allow the player to benefit from the most winning chances and experience a great gambling session. Enjoy the great variety offered by online casinos and choose the best blackjack version for your betting style!

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