The Hollow Season 3: Netflix Cancels the Animated Series After 2 Seasons

Netflix has reportedly canceled the fan-popular animated series ‘The Hollow.’ In case you’re yet to come across this gem of an animated series, let’s dig deeper. The animated series was created by Josh Mepham, Vito Viscomi, Greg Sullivan, and Kathy Antonsen Rocchio.

The animated series isn’t the best-ever animated series of all time for kids. The Hollow is regarded to be one of the peculiarly inventive and unique animated series on Netflix. The first season of The Hollow debuted in June 2018, and soon afterward, the second season was announced. The Hollow’s second season dropped a couple of years after on Netflix sometime in May 2020.

Netflix canceled The Hollow.

The cancellation of The Hollow was quite shocking for the fans. Back on August 31, 2020, the official Twitter account Tweet a small video with the caption, Game Over. The tweet also had a message suggesting the makers had a fantastic time curating the show. They also thanked the fans for the optimum support and passion.

Connor Parnall, one of the voice artists of the animated series, also said how blissful the journey in the series has been. Parnell also said that he didn’t have any idea that the animated series wasn’t renewed in the first place.

The Hollow Season 3: Why was the animated series canceled?

Netflix is yet to reveal an official reason as to why the animated series was canceled. It seems like the long gap between the first and the second season and committing to a future might be one of the reasons.

There is another reason that the show wasn’t much popular among the viewers. So, the streaming giant would have canceled it. Even the sheer lack of marketing for the show for the second season wasn’t significant. Netflix often faces criticism when it comes to promoting smaller TV Series and animated shows.


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