The Hiking equipment: these are the most important Basics for beginners

Usually, the quantity of our baggage to the time of year we go on vacation, and the duration of stay is based. This is not the case for a hike in the mountains. The motto here is: Less is more. Also if your equipment based on the type and length of your Tour, you should as little as possible and as much as necessary to pack. If you have no experience of what belongs to a basic equipment, helps you with the following packing list for sure. What should not be missing in any Hiking equipment and what needs to stay at home, is explained in this article.

What you need for Hiking?

1. The wall shoes

A particular attention is paid to the shoes. It does not matter whether you only want to go for a day trip or several days Hiking in both cases, you will miss a good footwear is painful, if you have several hours over Land and meadows, mountains and valleys are marching. Ordinary sneakers can withstand extreme loads when driving Uphill and downhill, not climbing, also you can balance any unevenness. You will notice this mainly due to the fact that poorly processed seams tear quickly and they seemed to be short or long, pain on the legs, on the ball of the foot and the heels are going to suffer. Apart from the blisters on the feet, the uncomfortable pressure or friction occur.

For your first hike you will need boots, of course, no mountain, however, you should note when buying Shoes the following criteria:

The date: Our feet swell during the day. For this reason, you should try on the shoes in the late afternoon or early evening, before you decide on a suitable model. the size: for the same reason, it is advisable to buy walking shoes a size larger. However, you do not have to sit still so that they slide in it – otherwise you get blisters on your feet. the height: Depending on whether you go on a solid and flat or uneven and unpaved Trails for Hiking, you need a low or high shank. A Lower is lightweight and flexible, a High Grip. the texture: The Season is crucial, whether you need shoes that are waterproof and feet warm and dry. Or they need to be breathable, so your feet will be better ventilated. the socks : your feet are subjected to while Hiking strong, therefore, you should not wear cotton socks, the sweat eyes. Choose socks with high polypropylene content, this makes them breathable.

in addition to the above Tests, you should consider well in advance what you will need the Hiking boots. The location is an important criterion for buying Shoes – that’s why the different models are divided into four different categories:

A: Low shank for Hiking on easy, paved Trails suitable, that is to say in the city or in the forest.

B: ankle high shank for Hiking on forest trails, in the mountains and in the foothills of the Alps are suitable.

C: High and stable shaft for hikes with bad roads in the high mountains and trekking routes.

D: a High and a stiffer shank for heavy Trekking and mountain tours as well as climbing suitable platforms.

Our pick: you can Take a second Pair of shoes so that you can take off your Hiking boots after the Tour and in a more comfortable model hatch. This is a real treat for your feet.

2. Clothing


waterproof clothing will protect you during the walk from the Wind and rain


underwear is started: Wear cotton usually, the loved one, you should wool the Hiking is better on the Merino wool set, Polyester, and mixed fabric. The materials are made of durable and elastic synthetic fibers, so they are not particularly breathable. This means that If you sweat, is transported away moisture from the body – so your body heats up not so strongly. On cold days, it keeps the function of a Laundry is also nice and warm. Especially if you have chosen a long-sleeved and-legged version like this:

of Course, you also get boxer shorts and under pants, T-Shirts and tank tops as well as socks as a Baselayer.

Continue with the outerwear best suited fleece pullover, since they are, on the one hand very easy and on the other hand, beautiful to keep warm. Underneath, you can wear either a shirt or a blouse – both have the advantage that they are very airy and not too tight on the body concern. Even more convenience they provide, however, only if they are also made of functional fabric. Then they are both easy to care for as well as durable and dry very quickly if you sweat while Hiking too much. On particularly cold and windy days, too soft, by contrast, are bright, a very popular upper jackets clothing because they keep the body nice and warm and at the same time before the rain.

the pants are available in the series: never underestimate the Wind and weather while Hiking. Even if you temperature start in the valley and in a pleasant 20 degrees outside, it can be in the mountains abruptly colder. It is even more important that you protect your legs sufficient, for example, with a special zip off trousers. In contrast to ordinary Jeans is made of Polyester fabric or mixing and is therefore breathable. In addition, they can be converted at any time by the removal of the pants legs in a short or knee-length trousers. This looks for example like this:

another tip: when the onion principle, walking is a tried and tested method, to guard against all weather conditions.

Continue with the headpiece : In the mountains, the air can be cold fast, therefore it is always recommended to perform a warm hat or a Fleece headband with. Here, the Material need not necessarily be breathable, because it is supposed to warm the head in the first place. In the event that it rains, you still have a hood. Alternatively, the so-called Buff increase the popularity of happy – this is a kind of scarf that protects as a scarf, Balaclava or even as a headband to the head in front of the Wind.

still Missing der right sunscreen: Even if it is high up in the mountains, windy and cool, so you will still be exposed to the sun and its harmful UV radiation. The more important it is to protect your skin as well as your eyes from the sun. Best with a high-quality sunglasses including UV protection of category two or three. Added to this is that your skin should be Creamed in the high mountains, even when it is cloudy. Best to select a high light protection factor, the radiation in high latitudes is much higher. Especially if there is snow.

3. The equipment


maps and GPS: For a hike, you need the correct equipment


If you have Packed your clothes and shoes and accessories, the equipment for the next hike. To do this, use a Hiking backpack rain cover also included, in which the following items are stowed must be:
telescopic poles for the ascent and the descent, a drinking bottle (at least 1.5 litres), as well as a GPS device. Furthermore, you need suitable maps for the Region you Hiking want to go, a pocket knife, tissues, a lighter or matches as well as some cash and a debit card.

For the emergency it is always advisable to save Offline maps on your Smartphone. You should not rely 100% on the card material or the panels on-site, as both can sometimes be out of date. If you need urgent help, you should also carry a whistle with in the event that you need to make a loud attention to itself and the technical devices fail. It is also helpful if you make a note of the number of the mountain rescue, law of the case that you need to take in case of an emergency contact. For the same reason you should also have a First aid kit in the process!

tip: If you run out of water on the road, you can your drinking bottle fill with mountain water. To ensure that you take any germs to yourself, we recommend a portable water filter for on the go, the cleanse you Drink:

This is not part of the Hiking equipment

Also if you read in the holidays: your books, unfortunately, have to stay home. Since you are wearing your backpack the whole time around, are heavy objects taboo. The Same is true for your photographic equipment – such as tripods and lenses, that’s just unnecessary Ballast. When you don’t Grab your backpack weighs more than a maximum of ten kilograms. Even if most of the manufacturers advertise that you can wear without problems up to 25 kilograms in weight, you will notice, at the latest, in the mountains, that you carry around too much baggage. A lightweight backpack, however, brings several advantages:

your back and also your knees, and your feet will not be stressed so strongly as in the case of a heavy backpack.You can cover much longer distances in a day easily, even without breaks.A lightweight backpack gives you more Balance and safety on uneven trails and narrow passages.So make your backpack properly is a

in addition to the walking shoes and your backpack gets special attention – after all, you need to wear these during the entire route. It is even more important for you and your back, that he is pre set correctly. And in such a way that its weight is distributed over your entire body evenly.

this is made Possible only by the proper size of a backpack. You can determine this by measuring your back by using a measuring tape. To do this, proceed as follows:

stand up straight and bend your head a little to the front, to your seventh vertebra in the neck (feel for the most in the series). From this vertebrae to measure the distance along your spine to the top of the Hip bone, the resulting length is for the purchase of a Hiking backpack is crucial. You have chosen a model, set the backpack before the hike on your back.

step 1: If you have distributed the weight in your pack evenly, loosen all belt in the shoulder, hip and chest area, and put the Packed model on your back. Now the waist strap is set as the First correctly – because your hips, which will carry up to 80 percent of the weight of your backpack while Hiking.

step 2: to Set the Packed backpack and bow slightly to the front, take the two waist in the hands and position them so that they lie centrally over the hip bone. Connect the buckles and pull the straps so tight that your belly is not constricted by this. Otherwise, you need to loosen this again.

step 3: Now the shoulder straps are at the range. Tighten these so that you can carry almost 20 to 30 percent of the weight of your backpack on the shoulders. This is the case, if the shoulder pads fit snugly on your shoulders and the approach of the shoulder straps centered between your shoulder blades. You have a kink, you need to adjust the height.

step 4: is Now the location of the backpack is off. This is correctly set using the upper Webbing – these are easily attracted to the backpack tends easily to you, and the shoulder carrier is raised slightly. Then the position will be attracted to the adjustable belt in the waist slightly, so that the backpack will be forged to your back.

step 5: After that it continues with the chest strap . His task consists of the two shoulder straps together, so they can not slip. The belt is closed for the just – and so that he does not press uncomfortably on the chest. Set him so that he can take over his function, without being noticed.

blisters on the feet: These tips will help Fullscreen

wrong footwear is mostly to blame for the fact that blisters on the feet


When the first blisters on her feet, announcing, for example, because you don’t run in your Hiking boots in advance, a cheap model preferred, or just bad luck have, you need to act quickly. As long as the skin of the affected area is reddened and still no fluid underneath it has formed, you can use the upcoming bubble in time to counteract by using a tape. Stick this just over the irritated spot, to avoid further friction. The bladder is filled with fluid, you may use this in no event taping , otherwise the skin when you Remove with tearing.

In the case of classic plaster for blisters are the better choice: you can cushion the wound and protect the body against friction. In General, the patches would fall off by itself, allowing the blister to heal underneath has enough time and the skin is not torn. What should you do in no case , is to-install the bubble Chen , if liquid has collected. This is a body to maintain its own protection mechanism of the skin, dirt and infection away. She is shattered, however, by itself, you need to stick to the open sore first sanitize , before you a band-aid on it.

So that no blisters will form, you can make – in addition to the proper footwear – even some of the safety precautions :

1. You wear when Hiking sports socks, which are reinforced in order to avoid blisters, pain and pressure points on the feet. In addition, sports socks breathable, so that you always have a dry feeling in the shoes.

2. Lubricate the sensitive Spots on your feet, to get a faster blow, in the run-up with Vaseline , in order to reduce the friction. Alternatively, there is also a special skin-protection-Gel, the bubbles can be prevented.

3. You have to run more often barefoot – this is not only much healthier for your feet, it also helps that in the Places that are subject to more wear, cornea forms. This may be used when Hiking later, as a layer of protection to your feet.

4. The bonding with a Tape you can implement even before the first blow felt. Thus, you have the advantage that sensitive areas are already protected from the first signs sufficient.

5. Just as you can have it also with the blister plasters hand. Stick to these easy from the beginning to the Places where you are more prone to blistering. Thus, they counteract the over-excitement in the run-up.

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