The Heather McDonald Chrissy Teigen Feud Explained

The Heather McDonald Chrissy Teigen Feud Explained

Before posting a tribute to her late son, Jack, Chrissy Teigen took to Instagram to share a “not-so-perfect” picture of herself. In the photo, Teigen can be seen with her eyes closed, wearing a full face of makeup and trench coat. “I really think you guys are too conditioned to seeing perfect photos all day because so many of my comments on any given photo are ‘why would she post this’ or ‘i love you girl but this is not flattering,'” she wrote in the caption. 

“I just don’t care about curating my Instagram to be perfection,” Teigen continued. “Im a mess,I’m chaotic and this shall always reflect that, thank u!! Love, a Sagittarius.” Shortly after, however, comic Heather McDonald called the model out in the comments. “These humble brags of ‘this is an unfiltered picture so say whatever mean thing you want so people will actually write me nice things since I still actually look great’ is so 3 years ago, Chrissy,” McDonald wrote.

The comedian even reposted the picture in question, adding that she “cannot take it” and felt like she to “point out the #hypocrite” on social media. “I can’t be the only one that can see through this BS,” she continued. “Prayers for Chrissy that she comes up with some new ideas.” MacDonald’s shade didn’t go unnoticed, though, as Teigen seemingly responded via IG Stories. Read her response below.


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