The Gossip Girl Star Evan Peters Went To School With

The Gossip Girl Star Evan Peters Went To School With

Who would have thought that Evan Peters and Blake Lively attended high school together?! Just imagine: Burbank High was the breeding ground for cultural landmarks like the “American Horror Story” and “Gossip Girl” franchises — what an elite school! In an interview for Hero Magazine, Peters discussed his high school run and made the shocking revelation regarding Lively, noting that she was “one of the hot, popular girls.”

In the interview, Peters noted that he “actually really loved school … the social aspect of school, [and] being trapped in this place together and kind of forced to be social.” Later on, he opined about the “dual life” he led as an actor and student. “I booked one of my first commercials … and then I went to school and people had seen it and were like, ‘Oh, man, you’re that guy in that commercial,'” he revealed, reflecting that he “was always kind of embarrassed to be an actor” at the time.

When Franco asked if other actors attended Burbank High, Peters revealed that Lively “definitely was there.” Peters did not remember what grade she was in nor did he remember if she was acting then, but he recalled: “[Y]ears later Blake Lively is blowing up and it was a shock.” And interestingly enough, Lively “was class president, on the cheerleading squad, in a competitive show choir, and in, like, six different clubs” during her time at Burbank High, as she told Cosmopolitan.


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