The Family Man Season 3: Manoj Bajpai series is officially renewed for season 3

Finally, some good news is coming out for the Family Man fans. The franchise has officially confirmed the series’s renewal for its third installment. Here are all updates. 

After a long wait, recently, the makers of the popular web series, the Family Man, dropped the season 2 trailer. With the power-packed trailer revealing the second season’s premiere date on June 4, the fans were pretty curious about the series’s future. Thousands of rumors and fan predictions are buzzing around the Internet about the upcoming season’s plot and the third season of Family Man.

Finally, in a recent interview, the makers broke their silence to announce the renewal of the series for season 3. Streaming giant Amazon Prime Videos has officially renewed the series. It’s a big surprise for the fans who were craving for the series’s continuation. However, the audience is still impatient to know the storyline of season 2. 

The Family Man season 2

The Family Man Season 1 left a major cliffhanger about Moosa Rahman’s story, which was expected to be addressed in season 2. However, the trailer of the second edition has not passed any hints, and the fans were speculating a new story. But shocking news coming out from sources is that season 2 will surely wrap up the unanswered questions of the debut season and take the fans to another fascinating ride. 

The Family Man Season 3 Updates 

Amazon Prime Videos has officially revived the show for its third edition. The makers are quite happy with the audience’s response and expect that season 2 will be a blockbuster. Raj and DK are on track to bring up a more thrilling and action-packed script for season 3. However, the makers are currently a bit engaged in other projects. So, the fans might have to wait a bit for an official announcement of The Family Man Season 3. 

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