The Family Man Season 2 Release Date Postponed Due To 2021 OTT Guidelines? Samantha, Manoj Bajpai

Mr. Manoj Bajpai entered the digital space with The Family Man over two months ago in the Amazon Prime originals. The team has started to film the second season doubting its success.

The original cast will be written in the second season with Manoj Bajpaiyee in Srikant Tiwari, The Family Man, working as a senior analyst T.A.S.C force, who is the fictional wing of the Indias Anti-Terror squad. Tamil and Telugu superstar is the latest edition for the cast with Samantha Akkineni. The digital space will depute her with DK, the directorial venture, and Raj.

Samantha shared the news in the teaser as she wrote, “#TheFamilyMan #TheFamilyMan2”. This web series debut was the most kickass show, as stated by Samantha. She also added further by saying, “Thanks to everyone for giving me this dream role.”

the family man season 2

The Unexpected Family Man Season 2 Release Date

It was also seen on Monday that the guidelines and the regulation of the web series went viral because the fans of the show awaited the Amazon Prime video series that was not released on time. They asked whether the thriller episode will be out for watching or not.

Manoj responded to a Twitter user who tweeted about the show on Amazon Prime as it was a decision to cancel the show by saying that it was “Absolute Nonsense!” There was no further authenticate name for the news article which had displayed this information. Raj also attacked the statement and the official handle of the Amazon Prime video with DK to make the show flow smoothly.

Samantha’s Booming Debut

Samantha’s Akkineni, the web debut, said, “ I knew I had to be a part of this revolution with a digital space booming, and this is the better way for my digital debut with the one and only, India’s most loved series, The Family Man.” She has also liked Raj and DK’s work with a global reach that stands out in the Amazon Prime Video, that there was no such partner better than both of them.

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The critically and commercially acclaimed web show had asked about Samantha’s role when she added by saying that her own was diagrammatically different from any such role that she had done previously. She can surprise and delight her fans with this role given to her with all dignity. The Casts for The Family Man also include a couple of names: Priyamani, Darshan Kumar, Sunny Hinduja, Shahab Ali, Vedant Sinha, Sharib Hashmi Sharad Kelkar, Shreya Dhanwantary, and Mahek Thakur.

Manoj Bajpayee’s Instagram announcement

The start of filming with the teaser announced by Manoj Bajpayee and written on Instagram as, “Red alert ka msg aa Chuka hai TASC Se. Milte hai jaldi!” @primevideoin @Thefamilymanamazon @rajanddk #TheFamilyMan2 #NowFilming.

Manoj Bajpai also claims few lines before the season could start as he was very excited about the new series on Amazon Prime Video. He swore by saying, “Being appreciated by the audience and fans gives an actor a great feeling. The response has been an overwhelming experience on my end by The Family Man. I am very grateful to the Amazon Prime video and Raj for having good faith in me and giving me this opportunity to be flawed with a relatable Shrikant Tiwari “.

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