The Conclusion of the Testing Points and the Questions of the PMP Exam

PMP Exam Preparation Materials

The PMP exam content of the project management contains five process groups (starting, monitoring, planning, execution, closing) and ten knowledge areas (integration management, scope management, schedule management, cost management, quality management, resource management, communication management, procurement management, related party management, risk management). We have prepared the comprehensive and integrated practices for you. And we also prepared the comparison of the old and new outline for you, the difference between the old and new outline, and the proportion of the old and new outline of the exam content. What’s more, the PMP exam time, PMP exam go spoto url registration, PMP registration process, and other information are showed here.

The PMP project management exam is over at the end of the year 2019. Outside the exam room the editor randomly asked a few candidates and they generally think the exam questions are too difficult. The editor also did research data in the students of the SPOTO. The significance of the review for the candidates in March 2020 is provided.

I summarize the following problems

  1. There was a discrepancy between the English and Chinese translations.


Candidates with good English should try to read the English question and answer when answering questions in the future, and then read the Chinese when they can’t understand it

For those who are not good at English should grasp the key words to analyze which test point is being tested and what question is being asked

  1. Read more and do not finish the questions simply.


Candidates who want to master the rhythm of the test need to try to finish more questions and more practice. Practice makes perfect. Test questions are variable but all change, just as we prepare for the college entrance exams. So the model test questions are totally enough. Another point is to increase the speed to finish the questions, which needs you to grasp the key words in order to master the test points of the stem as soon as possible.

  1. The test questions are ambiguous. The options are vague and not easy to choose the correct answer.


Candidates should try to grasp the key words of the question stem, or to do more questions based on the summation of experience to be able to determine as soon as possible which piece of knowledge is the test point so as to smoothly answer.

We have now added more questions on change, risk, quality, related parties and integration for all candidates, and have also prepared a large number of practice exam questions for you to prepare for the upcoming exam.

The above is the information about the summary exam points of the PMP exam review and questions that I have compiled for you. To learn more about the exam dynamics, preparation materials, and popular activities please consult with the SPOTO.

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The Conclusion of the Testing Points and the Questions of the PMP Exam
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