The Circle USA Season 3 Release Date: Will there be a new season?

Netflix’s popular show, The Circle USA, is returning with its third edition, and here are some hot updates.

The Circle USA is one of the most addictive series on Netflix that garnered great reviews from viewers. The show kept the audience at the edge of their seats for a long as the makers dropped their weekly installments to amplify the hype. The Circle USA is highly inspired by the famous TV show featured on Channel 4 with the same name. Season two of the show has just left us, and the fans are already demanding for the next edition.

The Circle USA Season 3 Release Date

Good news for the audience as the streaming giant Netflix has finally renewed The Circle USA for its third season. The fun-packed show came up with its second installment on April 2021, and all viewers loved its intense and thrilling theme. Now, it’s finally time for the next season. Although Netflix has not passed any official statement for the season 3 release date, we can speculate its arrival in early 2022.

The Circle USA Season 3

The Circle USA Plot

The Circle USA is one of the best American reality shows, which features eight contestants. As the contestant steps into the game, they are stick to a block of flats, and now the actual game begins. The winner grabs the throne of the most popular player and receives a $100,000 prize pot. In season 2, we saw Deleesa Carrasquillo acquired the winning spot.

Who Will Host The Circle USA Season 3?

The Circle USA Season 3 will be hosted by the famous American stand-up comedian Michelle Buteau. The audience loved her incredible anchoring skills in the last two seasons, and so the show is most likely to bring her back in the third season.

The Circle USA Season 3 Cast

Netflix or the show creators has not yet released an official contestant list for The Circle USA Season 3. The season three lineup is most likely to come up with an official announcement of the upcoming season’s release date.

So, stay tuned to get the latest details on The Circle USA Season 3.


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