The British Universities cricket team

In England, the most famous cricket squads are those that represent counties located all over the country. It is also possible to watch 1xBet Asia Cup cricket live streaming online in India, which can be enjoyed alongside other interesting tournaments from this discipline.

Yet, there was another squad that didn’t represent a county. Instead, it represented educational institutions located all across England. The team in question is the British Universities cricket team, and as its name suggests, it had university students as its players. Punters can enjoy live cricket streamings from the Asia Cup through 1xBet online in India, which also allows members to watch other competitions too.

The British Universities cricket team

Fantastic players

The British Universities team had players from all over the world, which of course, at the same time were studying in universities in the country. Some of those names went on to become some fantastic players in later years. The website also offers the chance to follow other cricket tournaments.

Some of the most prolific players who played for this team during different occasions include:

  • Imran Khan;
  • Nasser Hussain;
  • John Stephenson;
  • Martin Speight;
  • and Alan Fordham.

The team existed between 1975 and 1998. When it began, it had only players from Oxford and Cambridge. However, in 1987, some players from other academic institutions throughout the country also started to be selected to take part in the team matches. The 1xBet online bookmaker also has tons of possibilities to wager on other cricket squads that come from this part of the world.

Beating the champions

The British Universities cricket team had some spectacular results throughout their existence. For example, in 1989, the team from the county of Worcestershire were the recent winners of the County Championship. The 1xBet iOS app for smartphone can be downloaded now for free, and it allows users to wager on the entire County Championship from their gadgets.

Yet, the British Universities team gave a huge shock by defeating these champions. In fact, they almost defeated the Somerset team as well. This meant that in 1989, the Universities team was actually one of the best cricket teams across the entire country of England.

This squad also took part in a few first-class matches against national teams that were touring England. For example, they faced New Zealand as well as the West Indies in 1994 and 1995 respectively. The iOS 1xBet app for smartphones can be installed for free, and it features plenty of options to wager on first-class cricket contests.

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