The Blacklist Season 8 Episode 12: Release Date, Plot, Synopsis – Will Harold Cooper Survive?

To all the blacklist fans, hold on to your excitement a little more. The next episode of season 8, the 12th episode, will air soon to calm down your horses. We get the thirst to know what is ahead. Thus, you can get a little happy because you might end up getting some hints as you finish reading this.

In the last episode of the Blacklist, the “Captain Kidd,” we saw a bit perplexing situation. You got to watch one of the friends from the East handing down orders to Rakitin. Besides that, Reddington was seen looking out for hackers or a team to take out Harrold. This is because he could not do that, and he realized Harold had become a problem that he cannot ignore.

What is in the Next Episode of the Blacklist?

The Blacklist Season 8

In the coming episode, you will see the Task Force’s strong determination to recognize a Russian asset in the US government, which puts Cooper and Reddington in massive, risky positions.

We are assuming that it is probably enough for you to guess what might happen? The probable question that must be on your mind is, “Will Harold Cooper survive”? A scary situation has arrived, which has the chance of putting cooper in great danger.

A Little Spoiler Alert

The fans’ distress regarding Harold Cooper’s destiny (Harry Lennox) on ‘The Blacklist’ has extended dramatically as the drive-in owner has criminal evidence against Raymond Reddington (James Spader). Red will try to find ways to remove all the proofs to keep himself safe. Thus, we understand what you, as its true fan, must be feeling. Your worries regarding Cooper’s survival in the coming episodes are legit.

Be sure to watch the episode on NBC on the 2nd of April; this might probably be the most troublesome hour for Harold Cooper. Tell then, keep praying because what if cooper finds a way to survive? He might come to thank you in your dreams.

Sujeeth Kalyan
Sujeeth Kalyan
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