The Art of Fruit Machine Games: Aesthetical Evolution and Origins

Slot games are among the most plentiful in the world of casinos and iGaming. There always are at least 10,000 titles available globally when we consider all the developers. Slots are launched and discontinued every month.

But the overall number of active games remains unbeatable if we compare it with other forms of iGaming, such as video poker games, table games, and even live casino rooms.

The Art of Fruit Machine Games: Aesthetical Evolution and Origins

A Simple Format: The Secret Behind Classic Slots

Part of that is explained by the simple structure with a grid of reels and rows, which hasn’t changed since the first metallic incarnations of the first physical machines. In fact, it’s correct to say that the game only changed quite recently with the electronic versions in land-based casinos as well as the popular online slots. Things like wild symbols, cascading symbols, extra reels and special symbols and cluster games would be unthinkable when these games were created.

Some online slots that feature the classic symbols like the ones you will find in the 32Red fruit machine games collection have more elaborate aesthetical elements than others. Some will bring impressive graphic elements that combine modern design technology with classic symbols like lemon, cherry, grape and other vintage symbols such as the lucky seven and the bell.

The Best from The Past

Other games will just try to provide a simple experience of a 3×3 game like in the past. The idea behind this myriad of fruit machines is to please the modern slots fans, as some will prefer a very clean layout with a simple design, just like the first hardware that was invented, and others will seek an experience that combines vintage symbols and aesthetics with the best of 2023 special effects and tracks.

Modern Casino Aesthetics and Fruit Machines

Vintage slots featuring classic symbols have shaped the evolution of casinos across the globe. These symbols go much beyond the slots themselves, and are a part of the decoration of Las Vegas Casinos, as well as the famous resorts themselves as well as land-based facilities from Europe.

The iGaming world is no exception, and the inspiration of the designers that create the best online casinos is heavily influenced by the classics.

Fruit Machines and Pop Culture

Most TV Series and movies that depict the world of casinos and iGaming will feature some exciting moment of a slots win. Normally, the choice of the directors is to use legendary symbols like the lucky 7 in a simple grid of 3 reels and 3 rows, landing perfectly in the central role.

Of course, these days we have slots that are extremely more complex such as Starburst, which features colourful symbols and exciting expanding wilds.

Cluster games are almost another product if we compare with the original Fruit machines, but the original format is still there, featuring reels and roles, even if the graphics and tracks became a lot more complex.

The Evolution of Slots Prizes

In the past, the physical fruit machines would only have one system to collect coins and pay prizes. These days, slots can be a lot more complex. The players know if they’re gambling with a game that is more or less prone to paying prizes often.

The way this is done is by the way games are classified into low, medium or high volatility (a.k.a. game risk).

Summary: Fruit Machines and the Potential iGaming Prizes

Low Volatility games can pay smaller jackpots worth a few spins up to 5000x the original stake size, while high volatility network progressive jackpot games can pay Millions of Pounds in prizes.

Fruit machines are usually low to medium volatility online slot games, but it doesn’t mean the prizes aren’t quite sizable on occasion.

Also, some high volatility games may feature some of the classic symbols too, but when the term fruit machine or fruit slot is used, normally the market will offer games of low risk and lower prizes in the iGaming world, but with the advantage of paying prizes more often!

Games of extremely high volatility like Mega Moolah, for example, normally feature special symbols or a specific theme.

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