The American Housewives: Season 6 Renewed ? On ABC, Release Date, Cast and Plot

Season 6- Happening? on ABC.

The American Housewife started as an apple of the eye for the ABC; however, instead of keeping up with its image, it lost its charm.

How the fans expected it to age gracefully and beautifully based on its early seasons. Nobody could have had predicted the downfall this steep. The conditions have been this averse that ABC may cancel the airing of season 6 of The American Housewives.

When it comes to a comedy-drama, the future is never certain. Kicking off with this series, there is a slight possibility that it may return once more, probably for the last time, but that probability is minutely significant against a higher likelihood of it getting canceled.

The American Housewives: Season 6

Ratings and Viewership:

Following tonight’s finale of season 5 of the series, the network ABC will ponder its release. The instance with The American Housewives is the ratings and its viewership.
The viewership of the series comprises a very loyal audience, which has stuck around with the series since season 1.

This may appear as a boon at first. Still, it simultaneously reveals that the new audience is nil. Not many people are willing to check out the show, which has sidelined it from the mainstream media.

Despite getting significant attention, the series, like many others, reached a boom phase, when it had solid ratings and was being praised, then slowly, and slowly the downfall crept, making the TRP’s crash.

Rounding Up:

The producers are in a dilemma regarding the renewal of season 6, as the response they are getting has been largely poor. However, there is also a chance that the channel might take a risk to increase the audience base and retain the old. However, it’s 70% clear that the proximity of that happening is null.

However, the showrunners have debated the concept of programming strategy, which they believe can rectify the show’s rating problem, when it’s crystal clear that the show is a mere sinking ship now.


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