The All-Round Wife Episode 16: Review, Plot Summary, & More

The All Round-Wife has got too many twists and turns in the latest episodes, which is keeping the audience hooked to the show. However, we know that the show is a light-hearted family drama which focuses on the life and it’s struggles faced by Cho Hee.

What Happened in the Last Episode of the All-Round Wife?

In the last episode of The All Round Wife, we see major events where Nam Goo and Cho Hee seem to have a heated argument as he comes to pick her up after the office but finds out that her ring is missing. Already rumors are going on in the office about the Cho Hee affair and after seeing this fight the colleagues get to know that the their suspicion cannot be that wrong.

Then the scene shifts to the spa where Bori and her aunt are seen playing cards but losing all the money there against Sun Deok and one other woman. The loss brings Bori into outrage, and as she is standing outside the spa, she meets Cho Hee. She scolds them for playing such kinds of games.

The All-Round Wife Episode 16: Review, Plot Summary, & More

But the very next day b, Boi and her aunt are seen in the Spa playing cards, but this time they get into trouble when police apprehend them along with all other ladies playing cards. Later it is revealed that the two ladies were frauds. Then the scene again shifts to office where Jung Min puts Cho Hee’s lost ring in her finger saying that he found it among the other rings and this event gives fuel to the fire. 

What will Happen in the Upcoming Track?

Based on the previous episode, the upcoming track might follow up the track where we will get to see Nam Goo trying to analyze the whole relationship with Cho Hee. Besides this, the scene of the police will also be continuing in this episode where Bo Ri will try to boast about her brother being an attorney that might help her easily slide through this matter. All the family members seem to be embarrassed after looking at them in this state.

The shocking news will be spilled out when they might have to pay a fine of 10,000 won for releasing them from the police station. On the other side, Cho Hee seems to be inclined towards Jung Min but does not seem to be clear about thhereelings s 

Where can We Watch the 16th Episode?

The All-Round Wife’s Episode sixteenth seems to be a bundle of many dramatic events. If you want to know about the available platforms where you can watch it, then Rakuten Viki, Kocowa Tv and KBS World might be what you are looking for. 

When will it be Released?

The Latest Episode will be out soon now which is on October 25, 2021. However, it is believed that this Kdrama will have total of 100 episodes which makes it quite clear that we have a long journey to cover until the last one. However, the show is a good family drama that forms a great connection with the audience. Bo Ri and others in the bar, What will happen to them? These all questions will only be answered when the episode will finally hit the screen.


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