The 80,000 young people annually in Germany no school-graduation – how can that be?

Four heroes it needs in order to provide the variety of reasons that lead to lack of education, on solid feet. And heroes is a term that is used in this context are rather rare. But who learns the protagonists from “Full fucked up is half the” know won, meets four young people that represent an astonishingly large number in Germany. Author Tom Limes manages to show those who are labeled by society as a Loser, from the other side. Julian, Liza, Tariq and Max learn in a “pre-vocational training measure”, so called the employment office in this place. This is the last Chance to make a primary education degree: education plus several internships. Each of the four has a different motivation to try it again. And each of them has its own history that has led to the fact that he ended up here. What they have in common, however, is something they themselves do not: dreams have expected.


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Tom Limes has been working for more than 20 years with children and young people who are frustrated by the school. He knows all the reasons, how it comes that students quit. Children, teachers, work pressure and boredom in some subjects no longer stand easily and believe that their time better. Or that circumstances in the parent’s house to make the school impossible. “School refusers? It is a mesh, with the result,” says Tom Limes in an interview with the star. “This can be a Learning disability, the family environment or peer group. But it can also be the school, with teachers, the Psychos are. It is a school that can be indexed is a Problem that applies to very many of my students. The teacher can’t handle, for example, with a math weakness, the children only.” Everyone probably remembers such a copy from the school.

Who “failed” anyway?

parents, it is sometimes difficult to detect, that your child needs help. In puberty you have to do it mostly with being that close themselves and each other advice and assistance to adopt, except you. Young people do not want to have anything more to say, but also have the foresight to make the best decisions. “The question is always, how well a child is even effective can act when it sees that something is wrong,” explains Tom Limes. This requires the insight that it can’t go on like this. “So it is self-active and looking at how it can improve the Situation.” Because without knowledge nothing is.

In everyday life, each lays the blame for the Failure of the other. “Proof is in the attribution of the causes of school problems is the tendency for teachers to talk to students and parents responsible, parents, the school and/or the child, young people, the school and their peers seducer,” explains Karlheinz Thimm in his Text, “Null Bock to school”. His record for Germany, surprised: “More than 80,000 students, more than 9 per cent of an age cohort, leaving the schools in the Federal Republic of Germany a year without a degree. 35.000 of them come from special schools. Less than half of the total group to get the statements out-of-school,” he writes in The risk of falling into unemployment, is extremely large.

That there is a way out, is the positive balance in “Full fucked up is half”. In the stories the four young people shows that the author Tom Limes don’t want anybody to talk guilty. He knows exactly that this is rarely the full truth, even if Tariq has, for example, a father who does not let him go to school. The story is told through the eyes of Julian and Liza, who meet in the course of the “action” is always better… Comforting, exciting and heart-warming, even for adults.

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