Temple Season 2: What To Know About New Season Including Release Date Info

Hello, Readers! Temple Season 2, a Sky Original Drama, returns this week, and star Daniel Mays has hinted that the new season will be even more thrilling than the last.

The drama centers once again around Mark Strong’s character Daniel Milton, a surgeon who seeks to save his wife’s life by setting up an underground clinic beneath Temple tube station, and it appears that this time Daniel will be drawn even further into the criminal underworld.

Temple Season 2: What To Know About New Season Including Release Date Info

After delays caused by the coronavirus epidemic, filming on the second run resumed in August 2020, with new cast members Rhys Ifans and Michael Smiley joining the group.

Temple Season 2: Release Date

The new season has returned to Spectrum Originals. On November 1st, 2021, the Mark Strong crime drama will return, and a trailer has been revealed. On that date, all seven episodes of the season were released.

Temple Season 2: Official Trailer

What is this about?

According to Sky, Daniel will be driven to even greater extremities in the second series as he risks everything to keep ahead of his falsehoods.

The synopsis continues like this: “but with Beth having woken from her coma and very much aware of her husband’s suspicious behavior, Eve reeling to discover her mother has been alive all this time, Lee falling in with a charismatic activist and Anna luring patients down to the clinic for illegal drug trials, life is only going to get more insane.”

Cast and Characters

Daniel Milton will be played by Mark Strong, medical researcher Anna Willems will be played by Carice van Houten, and Daniel Mays will play Daniel’s friend Lee Simmons.

Catherine McCormack reprises her role as Daniel’s wife Beth, while Lily Newmark reprises her role as Daniel’s daughter Eve. Tobi King Bakare and Ryan Mcken will also return for the second season. Mandeep Dhillon, Will Keen, and Jamie Michie are among the series’ newcomers.


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