whether it’s a camping holiday or a mountain hike, business trip, or back backing: renounce When we leave our homes, we often have the luxury that we have from home used to. This does not limit us in the holidays, but missing nonetheless painful. Especially if we drink to mother earth to sleep, bad coffee, or wrinkled clothes to wear. With the right travel Gadgets, these problems belong to the past.

Portable espresso machine

In many countries of the world, the coffee is unfit for human consumption: This is usually not the coffee itself, but the way the people drink on-the-spot favorite. So you don’t have to forgo your favorite coffee in the holidays, you can use a portable espresso machine. It works only by pressure, without electricity, and can be used anywhere – provided you can heat the water in advance.
The product can be found here.

wrinkle-free shirt pocket,

do you Know this? Because in the run-up to the trouble to iron all the shirts for the upcoming business trip to find that the sensitive clothes are wrinkled again. Avoid you can. this Annoyance with a foldable shirt pocket, the police can’t protect because of their hard shell, their double-sided Design, and its specially shaped case, only the textiles against wrinkles, but also the collar
The bag you will find here.

ultra-light hammock

what a painful missed you in the holiday your own bed? Especially in the camping holiday of a hard floor is often a nightmare, especially for people with back problems. Here is a Outdoor can be a hammock of great Use to you: Whether traveling, Trekking, Hiking or on the beach: The stable Material is extremely tear-resistant and can also be made to the size of a football folded up and fits in every Luggage.
The hammock, there are here.

foldable electric kettle

Electronic devices, it is often difficult in the Luggage stow. You could use them on the campsite or in the mountains often. Especially a kettle for hot meals or hot drinks in the holiday – if there is an outlet in the vicinity. In the case of a foldable kettle, which is with a capacity of half a litre, ideal for Outdoor activities.
The kettle here.

waterproof bag

If you want to spend your vacation on the water – be it in a boat, kayak or canoe – you should protect in particular, technical devices such as Smartphone and camera from the moisture. Here is a water-tight bag that can be attached with a special belt on the boat and (depending on size) with enough space for all the items that should not be wet and must.
The bag you use to get here.

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