Taylor Lewan Family: Discovering His Father, Mother, Brother, Wife, and Children

Taylor Lewan’s Early Life


Taylor Lewan was born on July 22, 1991, in Sacramento, California, to his parents Dave Lewan and Kelly Riley. Dave Lewan was an offensive lineman at the University of Michigan, and prior to playing there, he played high school football for Oakridge Secondary School in London, Ontario, Canada, when his father’s job took him to London from Minnesota.

Kelly Riley is the wife of Dave Lewan, and she has supported her son’s career since his high school days, when he started as a defensive lineman at Cactus Shadows High School in Cave Creek, Arizona.

Taylor Lewan’s Football Career

University of Michigan

Taylor Lewan played college football at the University of Michigan. During his time there, he twice received first-team All-American honors. He was a standout player and was selected by the Tennessee Titans in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft.

Tennessee Titans

Lewan has spent his entire NFL career with the Tennessee Titans. He has been a reliable and consistent player for the team. He has been a starting left tackle for the majority of his time with the team.

Pro Bowl

Lewan has been selected to the Pro Bowl three times in his career. He is widely regarded as one of the best left tackles in the NFL.


Lewan has had to deal with a few injuries throughout his career. In the 2018 season, he suffered a torn ACL. He was able to recover and return to the field the following season. In the 2021 season, he suffered a concussion and missed a few games as a result.

Roster Moves

Lewan has been a consistent presence on the Titans roster. However, there have been some rumors that the team may be looking to move on from him in the near future. As of now, he remains a key member of the team’s offensive line.

That’s all we have on Taylor Lewan’s football career.

Taylor Lewan’s Family Life

Taylor Lewan comes from a family of six, which includes his parents, siblings, wife, and children. His father, Dave Lewan, was an offensive lineman at the University of Michigan, while his mother, Kelly Riley, has been a constant source of support throughout his career.


Taylor Lewan is married to Taylin Gallacher, a philanthropist and animal advocate who has worked on several charitable initiatives across the United States, especially in Nashville. The couple first met in college and tied the knot in 2016. Their wedding ceremony was held at the Belle Meade Plantation in Nashville, Tennessee, and was attended by several of Taylor’s teammates.


Taylor Lewan and Taylin Gallacher have two daughters together. Their first daughter was born in 2017, and their second daughter was born in 2019. The couple often shares pictures of their children on social media, and Taylor has spoken about how fatherhood has changed his perspective on life.

Overall, Taylor Lewan’s family is an important part of his life, and he values their support and love.

Off The Field: Taylor Lewan

Bussin’ With The Boys Podcast

Taylor Lewan is not only a successful offensive lineman for the Tennessee Titans, but he is also a co-host of the popular podcast “Bussin’ With The Boys”. The podcast, which is co-hosted by fellow NFL player Will Compton, features interviews with various guests from the sports and entertainment world.

Lewan and Compton’s chemistry on the podcast is undeniable, and their banter and humor keep listeners engaged and entertained. The podcast has gained a large following and has even spawned merchandise such as t-shirts and hats.

Taylor Lewan Family

Social Media Presence

Taylor Lewan is also active on social media, particularly on Instagram. He frequently posts pictures and videos of his family, including his wife Taylin Gallacher and their two daughters. Lewan also uses his platform to promote various charitable causes and organizations.

Lewan’s Instagram account has over 300,000 followers, and he often interacts with his fans through comments and direct messages. His social media presence has helped him to connect with fans and build a strong following off the field.

Controversies and Legal Issues

Taylor Lewan has been involved in several controversies and legal issues throughout his career. In May 2023, Lewan filed a lawsuit against a doctor for medical malpractice related to a surgery he underwent in 2020 to repair a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee. According to reports, attorneys for Lewan filed the suit in circuit court in Escambia County, Florida.

In addition to the medical malpractice lawsuit, Lewan has also faced allegations of assault. In 2023, a trial date was set for an alleged assault case involving Lewan. The case reportedly involved a dispute between Lewan and another individual outside a bar in Nashville. Lewan has denied the allegations.

Despite these controversies, Lewan remains a talented and respected player in the NFL. He has been named to several Pro Bowl teams and has twice been named a first-team All-American during his college career at the University of Michigan.


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