Tamil Nadu’s government orders shutting down of theatres, gyms and bars from 26th of April

With the tremendous increase in the number of cases owing to the second wave of COVID-19, the situation in the country seems to be very critical. With each day passing by, the problem is only getting more challenging to cope up with. People struggle to stay mentally and physically sound around such an environment where those infected with the virus are fighting for their lives.

People face challenges at most places due to lack of proper treatment, availability of beds, good doctors, oxygen, plasma, and other factors. In times like these, staying back at home seems to be the only way out to avoid contact with one another or the spread of the virus.

Tamil Nadu government ordered shutting down theatres, gyms, and bars to avoid public gatherings from the 26th of April.

On Friday, some 13,776 new cases were recorded within the state, with around 78 deaths. According to some sources, as the government has decided not to impose a full-time lockdown, it targets movie theatres, gyms, and bars. The official announcement is not out yet, but it is expected to be out by Saturday evening.

Restaurants and lounges may have to follow specific guidelines, such as restrictions on sit-in dining, but there will be restrictions on the takeaway services. The public won’t be allowed to visit temples, and any events associated with temples are likely to get banned, except for those which have been scheduled earlier that too in the presence of the permitted staff. Only the staff will be permitted to carry out the daily rituals at the temples.

It is also expected that very soon the government may order the closure of shopping malls. But according to sources, the government will not impose any restrictions on agriculture and industries.


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