Tamannah Launches Kajal Aggarwal’s ‘Ghosty’ Movie First Look Poster

Kollywood actress Kajal Agarwal’s upcoming horror comedy movie named ‘Ghostly’ revealed the first look in a social media poster. Actor Tamannah Bhatia has also launched the poster by congratulating her team.

Movie plot:

According to the director, Kalyan, though by the very name, this movie intends to be a horror movie in Tamil, there is a different meaning of ‘ghostly’ which means gang. So it is expected that some different perspectives will be seen in this movie. As per the report, this movie is a female-centric movie where Kajal Agarwal will play a police officer’s role.

Some fun factors will also give some incentives to make this film jolly.

ghosty movie

Cast & crew

Apart from Kajal Agarwal and Tamannah, Rajendran, Yogi babu, Nasser, Urvashi are playing the supporting roles.

The director is Kalyan, who is well known for his two previous movies named Jackpot and Gulaebagavali.

About the poster

The first-looking poster launched by Tamanna shows Kajal and Yogi babu, Rajendran, Urvashi, Livingston, Mayilsamy, Santhana Bharathi, and so on. The poster portrays all of them sitting together and taking a photo in parliament with some horror elements.

The other Kajal Agarwal projects, where we can see here, are the movie ‘Acharya,’ Hey Sinamika and Indian 2 movies are also hinted to cast Kajal. She is also roped into being the lead role of Nagarjuna’s next film.

The release date of ‘Ghostly’ is not declared yet. Stay tuned until then.

Naveena Reddy
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