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TalkToApplebees: Applebee’s is widely popular for providing juicy stakes, ribs as well as burgers. In addition to this, it is also regarded as the leader in casual chains for dining across the US. There are over 2,000 Applebee’s restaurants. By the looks of it, the chain franchise is currently running an online survey, namely, TalkToApplebees. The customers have a golden opportunity to win significant prize money of $1,000 every month via gift cards.

The potential participants can find more about the survey below.

Conditions of TalkToApplebees Survey

The participants need to have a valid purchase receipt of Applebee and they also have to take active participation in Applebee’s survey. At the very least, you must have a fundamental understanding of either Spanish or English. You also need robust internet connectivity.

The participants can also choose a mail-in sweepstakes procedure given that they do not possess an up-to-date receipt. Nevertheless, the participants have to make a card that would contain their names, DoB, email, and address. The participants can also send their sweepstake to the following address:

Applebee’s Survey Sweepstakes, PO BOX 6047, Dept 39638, Douglas, AZ 85655.


Basic Rules of TalkToApplebees Survey

The participants have to be at least the citizen of the United States to take the survey. People from outside of the US cannot take the survey. In addition to this, the participants also need to be at least 18 years old.

The most crucial rule is that the employees of Applebee along with their family members are not allowed to participate in the survey.

What is the goal of Applebee’s Survey?

The most important thing that the participants need to understand is the objective of the survey, namely, TalkToApplebees before they take an active part in it. In this way, the participants will learn to appreciate what they are doing alongside the reason for involving themselves in the first place.

The survey is nothing but a program to know customer satisfaction. Moreover, Applebee is encouraging people to share their good & bad experiences. In the long run, this would help the franchise to improve their hospitality.

By the looks of it, the claim desires to gain a little insight into several products that the customers prefer. There is also a ripple effect, and this is the company will find a way to figure out how to showcase its service in the United States competitive food industry. Applebee’s wants to improve basic customer loyalty.

Ways to enter the survey?

  • At first, the participants have to visit the official website –
  • They have to choose their desired language option. Note that the survey only supports Spanish & English.
  • Then they have to enter the thirteen-digit survey code which is found on the invitation receipt.
  • The system would prompt you to provide your date of birth as well as verify your identity.
  • Then select the start button for accessing the survey.
  • Precisely answers the question sequentially. Do not forget to provide your honest feedback. Praising Applebee’s chain if you don’t like their service will do no good.

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Note- Fill in the details perfectly. There is a highly likely chance that Applebee would use the information to get in touch with you.

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