Sword Art Online Season 4: Release Date, Where To Watch SOA Season 4

Set inside a fictional realm of a video game, ‘Sword Art Online has one of the most intense character glow-ups in the anime universe. Based on the Japanese light novel of the same name, the first season of ‘Sword Art Online was released by A-1 Pictures in July 2012.

With the second season having aired in July 2014 and the latest season premiering after a three-year excruciating wait in October 2018, let’s see what is in store for the future of ‘Sword Art Online.’

Sword Art Online

The story revolves around a young Kazuto ‘Kirito’ Kirigaya, one of the many gamers who purchase the new Virtual Reality MMORP game called ‘Sword Art Online.’ However, after logging in for the virtual game launch, all the players find out that they can’t log out and can only escape the game upon completing all the 100 levels. It’s this fantasy that earned the anime series much acclaim and a massive fan base.

Sword Art Online Season 4: Renewal Date

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been any official announcement that hints at the renewal for a fourth season. This could majorly be because there isn’t enough mango content for the show creators to follow. Creator Reki Kawahara announced that he is left with one final arc, which will conclude the whole ‘Sword Art Online storyline.

Sword Art Online

In this time of despair, a form of good news for fans is that ‘Sword Art Online’ season 4 will be produced as A-1 Pictures have made it clear that they wish to complete the entire Sword Art Online series.

Sword Art Online Season 4: Streaming Platform

Fans of ‘Sword Art Online’ will know where to watch the MMORPG-themed anime series. Both Crunchyroll and Hulu have streaming rights to the entire ‘Sword Art Online’ saga. The anime is also available for streaming on Netflix. Aside from these, there are also streamers such as FUNimation and HIDIVE, where you can watch ‘Sword Art Online’ season 4.


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