Super Singer 7 Vote Results: Suganthi v/s Vaisakhan , Who is Ahead ?

The audience and the critics have loved the seventh season of Super Singer since it began on 27th April 2019. For a long time now, Super Singer Season 7 has been providing the talented singers across the country with a significant platform. By the looks of it, the seventh season has showcased rare vocal talents from across the country.

One of the most crucial elements of Super Singer is its judges such as Benny Dayal, Swetha Mohan, Anuradha SriRam, and Unni Krishnan. Moreover, the distinctive appearance of the acclaimed music director Anirudh Ravichandran is something that the contestants look forward to every week. Ravichandran is also the Ambassador of the seventh season.

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The Elimination Voting Results of Super Singer Season 7

Suganthi and Vaisakhan did go toe to toe with each other, & their performance has baffled the audience and the judges. In Bharti Airtel’s seventh season of Super Singer, the singing battle between Vaisakhan and Suganthi is regarded as a masterpiece performance.

Some of the experts also said that the competition between Vaisakhan as well as Sunganthi was extremely close. However, when it comes to voting, anything is possible. According to the popular voting polls, Vaisakhan is currently leading the competition, given that both the contestants are at their prime.

Vaisakhan is in the lead, but Suganthi can catch up to him

The reports are generally based on the unrevealed and unofficial voting numbers which have been generated by fans and voters on distinctive websites. The fans have to wait a little while longer to know the official voting results in the show.

However, according to the unofficial voting polls, Vaisakhan is leading the competition with 58% whereas Suganthi is leading the competition by 42%. Several voting poll websites conclude that Vaisakhan will the competition and that means Suganthi might be seen going home. Nothing is concrete as of now, so there is a highly likely chance that the tables can turn.

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