Super Singer 7 Vote online: Sivaangi and Vaisakhan will go against each other

The seventh season of Super Season has been a great show since it began from April 2019. In addition to this, the show has also been quite successful when it comes to demonstrating the raw singing talents on a massive platform for quite some time now.

The presence of the ambassador of the show, Anirudh Ravichandran add the drama and optimism in the show. Additionally, the seventh season is blessed with an incredible panel of judges such as Swetha Mohan, Unni Krishnan, Anuradha Sriram, and Benny Dayal.

Super Singer 7 Vote Results for elimination (22nd to 25th September)

sivaangi vaisakhan.png

In the previous week, Murugan Vs Mufeeda have gone toe to toe against each other as far as the elimination in Super Singer season 7 is concerned. At the beginning of this, the competition was really close. Nevertheless, Vaisakhan made a strong lead on the game and now he is leading concerning the votes. The current week has been very interesting as Sivaangi and Vaisakhan are going toe to toe against each other.

Super Singer 7 Elimination Voting

Every week, two contestants usually face elimination and here the audience is called forward to save their favorite contestant. The voting procedure for saving the contestant in Super Singer 7 is extremely simple.

Official Voting method for Super Singer 7:

People can use the Google browser to vote for their favorite contestant:

Open the Google browser & then type Super Singer 7 Vote or Super Singer Vote in the search option. The audience can also click on the following link to place a vote for their favorite contestant.

Note: The audience has to avoid opting the incognito mode in the browser.

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