Sundeep kishan’s Maayavan 2 / ProjectZ Sequel is announced!

Out of the many celeb-filled birthday wishes for 34-year-old Sundeep Kishan, one can say that Director C V Kumar’s announcement won him the top spot. Not only did he make a heartfelt wish to the Tamil and Telugu movie star, but he also officially announced that Sundeep Kishan would also be onboard his new project.

After almost four years since the mystery thriller ‘Maayavan’ was released in cinemas in 2017, a sequel has been planned by the same production team, looking to retain as many of the cast members as possible. ‘Maayavan’ is a Tamil crime mystery thriller movie that came out to theaters in 2017 and was later dubbed in Telugu as Project Z.

Sundeep kishan's Maayavan 2 / ProjectZ Sequel is announced!

What will Maayavan Reloaded be all about?

The first movie revolved around police officer Kumaran, played by Sundeep Kishan, who investigates a series of murder cases that he is assigned to. Things take a turn to the worse when they find out it was all the work of a serial killer on the loose and that the maniac operates in a particular pattern.

There is no conclusive evidence that ‘Maayavan Reloaded’ will be a direct sequel to the original movie. Still, one can speculate that it could be a continuation based only on the fact that Sundeep Kishan will play the lead character.

Will the cast of Maayavan 1 return?

Based on the recent information, it is only confirmed that actor Sundeep Kishan will be the only character to return for a sequel. However, it is unsure that he will reprise the same role as the first movie.

There has been no news on the other lead actors such as Lavanya Tripathi, Daniel Balaji, and Jackie Shroff returning for the ‘Maayavan Reloaded.’

The movie project has been officially announced. Fans can expect the movie to be released somewhere in early 2022 as both C V Kumar and Sundeep Kishan are currently under wraps and awaiting release for their feature productions.


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