Sujatha Akshaya Bigg Boss Kannada 7 Contestant: Wiki, Bio, & Unknown Facts

Sujhatha Akshaya also known as Sujatha Akshay is one of the popular TV-Series actress of the Kannada television industry. She came into prominence with her role in the TV-Series Radha Ramana. By the looks of it, Sujatha is going to be seen on the seventh season of Bigg Boss Kannada which has already premiered on the 13th of October 2019.

The premiere episode of Bigg Boss 7 has been aired in the Multiplexes and it is a 2.5 Hours show and Kiccha Sudeep, the superstar is the host of the show. The fans of Bigg Boss Kannada are excited to see Sujatha Akshaya in the show.

Who is Sujatha Akshaya?

The 43-year-old notable and popular Television actress of the Kannada Television industry, Sujatha Akshaya is a very popular figure. Other than being an actress Sujatha Akshaya is also an RJ. The name of the family members of Sujatha is currently unknown, so far, the audience will get to know about it from Bigg Boss over time.

Sujatha Akshaya

Sujatha Akshaya is typically from Bengaluru and she was also a student of the National College of Bangalore. Sujatha made her debut as an actress in the hit Kannada tv-series Radha Ramana.

Personal Life of Sujatha Akshaya

Sujatha Akshaya is currently married however, the name of her husband is not known to the sources. According to sources, Sujatha Akshaya takes around Rs 8,000 in a single episode.

Unknown facts of Sujatha Akshaya

Sujatha’s alma mater is Oxford College which is located in Bangalore. She began acting at a very older age. She is a notable VJ as well as an RJ. Before becoming a celebrity Sujatha used to be employed by Airtel India.

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