Succession Season 3 Episode 3 Explores More Into The Political Fate Of Conor Roy

As we move forward into Succession season 3 episode 3, it does seem like Connor Roy is facing an uncertain future. In a way, he’s at a distance from the rest of his siblings — they are all younger than him and more connected with each other. He was also the first person to bail on the idea of teaming with Kendall, mostly due to his political ambitions and desire to steer VERY clear of anything that would cause a mess for him and his dad.

Succession Season 3 Episode 3 Explores More Into The Political Fate Of Conor Roy

So just how serious should we take these political ambitions? At times it feels like that answer is “not very,” given that Connor often comes across as meandering, incompetent, or a little bit of both. Of course, we can’t sit here and pretend like he would be the first person to ever stumble into undeserved power; you can’t rule anything out in this world.

Speaking in a new interview with TVLine, here is what Alan Ruck himself had to say about Connor’s political platform — basically, the way he wants the world to see him:

I think [his platform is] whatever he wakes up and is interested in that morning. That’s part of his platform. I think the platform is very fluid, and sometimes it doesn’t exist. In Season 2, Maxim asks if he [can name a member of the House Congress Committee], and he doesn’t have a clue. Basically, do you know anybody in D.C., and what they do? It’s not a matter of concern for him. It’s like, “Oh, I’ll figure that out on the way. That’ll take care of itself. There are going to be people to assist me.” He wants to eliminate all taxes. Connor might come up with the idea, if he wants to be a man of the people, that basically every family should incorporate. “The family business is a corporation, and you write off everything! We do it!” I just want to pass this wisdom along to the common folk.

While it may be easy to not take Connor that seriously, we think we’ll be hearing from him a lot this season. He’s a little like Greg in that if you overlook either of them, there’s a chance it could come back to bite you later.

What do you most want to see from Connor Roy on Succession season 3?

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