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Styling Hollywood: A Peek into Hollywood Wardrobe and Design | Trailer, Release Date

Netflix has released a brand new series trailer on YouTube named “Styling Hollywood”. It is a series totally about interior design or makeover Genre. The trailer is hosted by Jason Bolden who is presumably gay from the JSN Studio and Adair Curtis who is his husband. The trailer itself is so entertaining and intriguing. This couple gets Hollywood superstars as their clients. The trailer more than anything focuses on their adorable gay relationship.

The series will give you an exclusive peek at the Hollywood looks and digs. The series is all set to premiere exclusively on Netflix by August 30. The series is mainly about interior design and fashion but it will also cover the balance of their life with the small problems in their relationship. The series looks stunningly similar to the Netflix Popular series “Queer Eye.” This series is about the fashion makeover journey of a group of Gay guys on random people.


In Styling Hollywood the two husbands get a lot of A-list Hollywood including Yara Shahidi, Dulé Hill, Taraji P. Henson, Gabrielle Union, and Ava DuVernay. Jason and Adair are a couple who are passionate about their careers and are on fire on the screen. They are omnipresent in their specialized areas from upgrading clients’ style and fashion to renovating the interior of big houses.

This gay couple gives hope to many closeted gay guys to confidently go after their better half and work on their career goals together as well. This and many other series hosted by Netflix shows the open support of the group to LGBTQ. Sense 8 was also very much praised for its portrayal of a gay and lesbian couple.

In the trailer, the duo is mostly kissing or touching each other and in the next scene fighting in a way every queer couple does in real life. Another specialty of the series is that both the protagonists are black. This shows the changing face of America or the world as a whole.

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