Stop Believing These Sports Betting Myths

Have you ever wagered for something, either believing it was a sure win or being told that it was, only to lose at the end of it all? It can be disappointing, especially when you thought you had the system “figured out.” Have you ever gone on a losing streak, and thinking you would eventually come to a win, started betting big, only to eventually also lose big time? Perhaps you believed in what you have read somewhere or what someone else told you–that after sling, you are bound to win. These things, and more, are called betting myths and there is a reason why they are called such.

While your bookie may not tell you about these things, getting a good one that will offer you the best odds and lines, as well as the best deals, is just as equally important. However, the set of choices can easily get confusing and you might end up having a hard time selecting your bookie. The good news is that review sites can help you with this. One example is a list of the most recommended and top-rated bookies according to nostra bet that would help by providing you with a wide selection of bookies to choose from.

Once you have your choice of bookies sorted out, one next thing that you should get familiar with is the many sports betting myths that could ruin your experience. Here are some of them, why they are not true, and why you should stop believing them.

The Gambler’s Fallacy

This is also called “the due”. This concept tells you that after losing for quite some time, you are eventually bound to win–and vice-versa. When you think about it, there is some logic to this concept. After all, gambling only ends up in two outcomes–either you win the bet, or you lose it. As with a coin flip, you are eventually bound to get heads after flipping tails for quite some time.

However, relying on this myth would have you just place everything on pure luck and chance, and discard all strategies and techniques that could improve your odds of winning and increase your chances of making a good profit out of your bets.

Bet on the odds with higher profit margins

When you think, about it, it seems to make some sense. Betting on a line that would give you a profit of $10, for example, is better as compared to betting on a line that would only yield $5 in profit. However, this also goes to say that you are to lose big (since you are likely to bet big) following this myth.

The proper way is to learn essential skills on how to beat the bookies by learning to read more than what the odds and lines want you to see.

There will always be a “sure win”

One of the things that someone might tell you–most probably someone that might not be even gambling at all–is that there is always a “sure win,” and that you just have to find it. The simple answer to this myth is that it simply does not exist.

The belief in a “sure bet” comes from people who have no real knowledge of how betting works and just went on to spread and pass on myths based on nothing but assumptions and speculations. Even when you are betting on games that you know to be fixed or rigged, the chances of things going differently than planned is still always there–thus, nothing is ever sure, no matter what you do. It will always be about a combination of luck, chance, and strategies working together.

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