Steps to Follow When Installing Windows and Doors

Replacement Windows and Doors Installation Process; Exterior Doors

Exterior doors are the ones that give you the first impression of a home. You need to check them often for damages, chips or scratches. The damage could either be small enough just to be covered with paint or very big that the door needs replacement. The first step you should take before replacing your windows and doors is knowing the type of units that you need.

If you need to replace your doors with total home windows & doors so that it benefits you especially in improving curb appeal, there are some of the considerations to make in order to achieve that.

1. Make Sure The Door Fits Well

First, you will need a door that fits in the opening of your house. This could be easily ignored but you need to take measurements of the old door even the frame. This reduces time wasted in going back and forth to the market to make adjustments.

2. Same Direction Of Opening

When ordering the pre-hung doors that come when already attached to the frame, ensure that they open in the same direction as your previous door. It is also important to check if the ordered door checks in with what you ordered in terms of the type of wood, design and décor.

3. Material Type

Make a decision on the type of material you want your door to be made of. There are varieties when it comes to door materials and they include;

Wood- these are the most common windows and doors available and they come in a wide variety of design. Despite this, the finishing should be good enough to reduce damage by water.

Aluminum- these doors are advantageous as they are finished in a design that prevents rusting.

Steel- this is the strongest material for a door that is also very easy to maintain. Them being the strongest, they give you and your home a sense of being secure.

Fiberglass- they are made such that they look similar to wooden doors but they are a bit stronger and easier to maintain compared to wooden windows and doors Toronto.

Other factors that you may want to consider are your budget, the physical appearance of the door and the cost of maintenance.

Once you have thought through the type of door that you want, the installation part is the next step. This however could be challenging especially when you have little or no experience in carpentry or house maintenance in general. Below are some of the steps that could work as a guideline for installing the front door.

a. Verify The Measurements

Although you may have taken measurements before, it is important to make confirmations of the new door and the opening of your house. This ensures that you have the best-fit door to match the old door before you begin the replacement process.

b. Remove The Old Door

Once you are certain about the measurements of the door, then you can now safely remove the old door from the frame. Ensure that the entire door is removed properly together with its frame and the hinges that were holding it.

c. Test If The New Door Fits

Place your new door together with the frame in the space that you have just created to see if it fits. Check for spaces between the frame and the wall of the house on all the sides of the door. You should be careful to leave some space below the door to facilitate the opening and closing of the door. Leaving some space also prevents wear and tear of the door due to friction with the floor.

d. Fix The Door

After ensuring that the door fits properly in the space, you can now install it. Use strong nails to fix it into position. Screw the hinges into position and secure them properly for them to be able to hold the door.

e. Do The Finishing

This includes cleaning up the area you were working on, application of caulk to fill in the space between the door and the frame, and any other finishing that is required like attaching the lock and the knob.

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