Stargirl Season 2 Episode 12: Finale Teases Special Hint At Eerieness Behind Eclipso

This week on DC’s Stargirl, a series of quieter moments and necessary conversations set the table for the Season 2 finale — while also giving us a ghostly hint of what Eclipso is up to.

As Yvette Monreal recently told TVLine (and as we’ve predicted a way back ourselves), the JSA will need all hands on deck for the finale, and this Tuesday’s episode was all about shutting down that super-sized team.

For example, Courtney had to convince her mother, and later Yolanda, that they should ally with Cindy/Shiv in this final showdown. Meanwhile, Pat and Mike set out to bring Rick and the Thunderbolt into the fray.

Stargirl Season 2 Episode 12: Finale Teases Special Hint At Eerieness Behind Eclipso

Pat paid a visit to Matt, who is still in traction at the hospital after being mistaken for Solomon Grundy by his cousin a few episodes ago, and briefly beaten. Pat tried to appeal to Matt’s investment in saving Rick’s future, but when Matt replied by writing on a nearby notepad, “GO TO HELL,” an annoyed Pat locked the door and closed the blinds of his wife. the hospital room. Pat noted that Matt is a “villain,” but added that he’s learned one thing over the years: he also has some “bad” in it….

We don’t know what happened then, but a few scenes later Pat picked up Rick outside the police shop, the charges were dropped!

Mike, meanwhile, followed a trail of supersized junk food, followed by the discovery of a newspaper boy’s abandoned bag, only to determine that his friend Jakeem had “inherited” Thunderbolt. The thing is, the mind is currently on an hour-long Chinese food run – to China — so in the meantime Mike put Jakeem in touch with all things JSA, while also helping wash some of the Williams family’s dishes.

Courtney met Yolanda outside the church to pass the news that the OG JSA had to kill someone one day — Eclipso’s one-time host, Bruce Gordon — meaning Yolanda wasn’t the first hero to take a life. However, Yolanda didn’t see this as the good news that Courtney did. Instead, her takeaway was that she was the second Wildcat to kill someone, so she swore she’d never wear a costume again.

Ever. But when she found Cindy in her bedroom and learned that the former ISA student was now working alongside the JSA, Yolanda appeared in court to say she shall rejoin the team for this epic battle, if only to stop Shiv from stabbing them in the back (literally?).

The episode ended with Beth and the returned Dr. Charles “Call me Chuck” McNider who combined the powers of their goggles to locate Eclipso, but eventually realized they needed the ISA’s supercomputer to get the job done. When they arrived at American Dream headquarters, they were startled by little Bruce, who was happy to learn that Beth had already signaled to her super friends. Eclipso’s cherubic alter ego enjoyed after all, he needs them all to achieve his goal…

And while Beth asked what exactly the demon’s endgame is, we see that Green Lantern Alan Scott’s daughter Jennie still has very bad dreams (since she zapped a dark energy “afterbirth” in the cafeteria with her ring). Jennie seems to glimpse a near future where Yolanda, Cindy, and Pat at least appear dead – and where Stargirl steps past their lifeless bodies, now sporting a half-purple, Eclipso-esque face.

Eclipso’s plan, Bruce Beth and Chuck informs at the American Dream office, is to exploit the evil in none other than Courtney Whitmore…and become “your new god” in turn.


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