South Park Season 24 Release Date, Plot and Latest News

After months of wait, South Park Season 24 is finally gearing up to make a blasting comeback. The fun-packed show revealed its Pandemic-themed episode in 2020, where we saw Randy was the main culprit behind the outbreak of covid-19. A “Vaccination Special,” which entertained the fans with its hilarious plot, followed the episode. Since then, the viewers are waiting for such comedy-loaded episodes, and finally, here is some fresh news popping out.

South Park Season 24

South Park is one of the most entertaining shows on Comedy Central. With 308 episodes in total, the show stands as one of the longest series for the viewers. The popularity of South Park has compelled the creators to renew the show till 2022, ensuring that there are a lot more exciting seasons to come. Its storyline and weird characters never failed to entertain the audience, and now it’s time for the 24th season. So here is all we know about the upcoming season.

South Park Season 24 Release Date

Comedy Central does not yet disclose the release date of South Park Season 24. However, technically with the “Pandemic Special” and “Vaccination Special,” the 24th season has already begun. So, we can expect more episodes dropping really soon.

South Park Season 24

How Many Episodes Will Be There in South Park Season 24?

As per the latest reports, show creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone are leaning on quality over quantity. There have decided to come up with fewer episodes in the upcoming seasons. However, all the episodes will be more than an hour long. According to sources, the 24th season of South Park will bring 10 power-packed episodes to entertain the fans.

South Park Season 24 Trailer

Unfortunately, Comedy Central has not yet launched an official trailer for South Park Season 24. However, if you want to watch the old seasons or the latest episodes, you can also tune in to Netflix, NOW, and Amazon Prime.


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