South Korean Drama Series Dr. Brain Features November 4 Release Date & Everything You Need To Know

A South Korean series that is coming up with a science-fictional background within a few days is Dr. Brain. This show is based on a web cartoon of the same name composed by Hongjacga. However, Kim Jee-Woon has taken a lot of responsibility for the series. He has served as a director, writer, and executive producer of Dr. Brain.

Along with him, Samuel Yeunju Ha, Antonio H.W. Lee, Joy Jinsoo Lee, Ham Jung Yeub, Jamie Yuan Lai, Daniel Han, and Min Young Hongare also on the list of the executive producers. Moreover, a few writers named Kim Jin-A, Lee Mu-so, and Koh Young-Jae with Kim Jee-Woon have conformed to the script of the series.

What are the Release Date and Streaming Platform of the Show Dr. Brain? 

In 2019 the makers of the show had decided their minds about jotting down the series Dr. Brain. In 2020 Lee Sun-Kyun, who is playing one of the main characters, has signed the show when Apple has adapted the series under their production house.

Moreover, in October 2021, the creators confirmed a release date of the series Dr. Brain on November 4, 2021. It is already mentioned that Apple is producing the show. So it is quite obvious that the series will premiere on the confirmed date in Apple +. The cast members of the show have revealed that there are six episodes in the show, which will come out every week.

Who is on the Cast List of the Show, Dr. Brain? 

In the prior paragraph, it is mentioned that Lee Sun-Kyun is going to play the lead character of the show. He is playing the identity of Sewon, the brain scientist on whom the show’s story is based. However, along with him, some other members are there like Lee Yoo-young as Jaeyi, who is Sewon’s wife, Ahm Tae-goo, Seo Ji-Hye as Jiun, Lee Jae-won as Namil, who is Sewon’s colleague and Park Hee-soon as Kangmu, who is a private investigator.

What is the Plot Synopsis of the Show Dr. Brain?

The story of the show Dr. Brain depicts the obsession of a brain scientist to invent something new and unique. His main motive was to have an entry on others’ memories and the conscious part of the mind. However, he got to continue his obsession and talent through his wife’s brain, who died in an accident. Nonetheless, with this, he tries to know who has killed his wife.

South Korean Drama Series Dr. Brain Features November 4 Release Date & Everything You Need To Know

The first episode of the show is titled Loss of Life. However, the upcoming episode will depict a high conflict between past and present in Sewon’s life.

Is the Trailer Out? 

The show’s trailer is already out, and from now it’s not even one week left for the premiere.

The fans are eagerly waiting for the show’s first episode as the makers have come up with all new ideas about the show. Hopefully, the onlookers don’t get disappointed by Dr. Brain. 


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