Some tips for writing a resume in 2022

Writing a resume is a very standardized exercise. How to write a resume and post it so that recruiters want to see you and convince them that you are the perfect candidate? Here are some tips.


Please enter your resume at the top, indicating the title of the position you are looking for. For example: “Internet Marketing Specialist”. This title is important as recruiters will not guess what job you are applying for.

You can also include career goals in your title, such as becoming the target of a technician “in the case of an apprenticeship contract”.

This title and the entire text of your resume are very influential, as more and more companies are using keyword analysis tools to check the applications they receive. Think carefully about the terminology used in the title. For example, we are no longer talking about cashiers in supermarkets, but about cashiers.

In order not to make mistakes, take a look at the way you write your recruitment information.


Once you know what information you want to add to your resume, you can choose a template. You can take inspiration from existing examples on the web and use word processing software (such as Word) to create your resume, or use tools to make your work easier and provide templates to fill out. Some sites may provide resume advice.

You just need to get guided to fill in the different sections and the website will take care of the layout and design.


You always have to go back in time in your resume: Always put the most recent experience first in your list of different experiences. If you are a recent graduate, please do not hesitate to detail the skills you acquired during your training or internship/apprenticeship contract. On the other hand, if you have reached a certain level, focus on your most important recent experience.


The layout of your resume is almost as essential as the information it contains. Therefore, please save your time while processing your inquiry. If the form of your resume attracts attention and interest in the first place, it may also allow you to highlight certain information and make the consultation easier to understand.

If you’re not using the resume builder but are doing everything from A to Z, consider using boxes or lines to separate headings and split paragraphs to avoid large blocks of text. The better organized your resume is, the easier it will be to read it.


Only write this column if you have regular events that you can talk about in an interview.

Show your personality and vitality by selecting your actions as carefully as possible. Explain what kind of sport you play, if you are in the club if you compete …


Some recruiters ponder this topic because the qualifications of the candidates are usually the same. Instead of writing a list of the top 10 countries you like to travel with, it’s better to point to the country that gives you the most points.

This part is optional, so avoid talking about it in general terms such as “reading, filming, going out with friends”. Recruiters try to understand your personality, so be specific.

Recruiters can enjoy playing sports. For example, if you are applying for a safety and security specialization, this is a combat sport.

Josh Linus
Josh Linus
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