Some of the Most Essential Tips to Appear For Online Proctoring-Based Examinations

Nowadays online testing platforms have become the new norm in the world of education as well as recruitment. Each of the university is now tired of expecting the normalcy in the education system because of the COVID-19 outbreak which is the main reason they have shifted towards the concept of online proctoring. Hence, each of the university and organization is into the concept of understanding the importance of proctoring systems which is the main reason they are conducting the proctored exam very easily and efficiently. Nowadays traditional education has been very easily replaced with this concept and virtual classrooms, as well as online examination platforms, are the filling these kinds of gaps which the traditional systems had.

To promote the concept of social distancing throughout this COVID-19 outbreak universities are undertaking the concept of a virtual class so that they can deliver the lectures and course materials for the students so that examinations can be conducted in the best possible manner at their home place only. So, attending the college with the help of internet is considered to be a very easier as well as a safer concept but on the other hand, going with these kinds of examinations can sometimes be very much challenging for the students. But luckily there are several kinds of simple examination strategies which they must follow so that they can appear in the proctored examinations very easily and can score well. Hence, this is the best possible way of ensuring seamless online testing experience.

 Following are some of the guidelines and tips to appear in the proctored examination:  

The candidates must review the exam guidelines thoroughly and carefully

It is very much important for the candidates to go with the option of properly familiarizing themselves with the examination rules so that unwanted confusion and stress can be avoided at the time of appearing for the examination. Whenever the person will be familiarized with the whole system of rules and regulations they will appear in the examination very easily and they will not face any kind of issue throughout the process. Such guidelines are considered to be the best possible way of outlining the most important points which have to be followed during the test. Through these guidelines, the individuals will also have the ideas of dos and don’ts with the test. The most common ones include the avoidance to use books, Bluetooth devices, calculators and several other things. There is a complete and comprehensive set of guidelines which have to be followed at the time of appearing for proctored examinations which the individuals must follow very well. 

 One must ensure to have stable as well as fast internet connectivity

It is very much important for the individuals to go with the option of internet connection which is stable. This is the main reason Wi-Fi is preferred in comparison to the mobile-based hotspots because of the fluctuation in networks. The broadband connections will always help to make sure that there is an uninterrupted and stable testing experience for the online test taker and there is no issue throughout the process. When the connectivity of the internet will be stable the individuals can work efficiently which will have a direct positive impact over their performance and productivity. 

 One must be ready to test the environment

It is very much important for the individuals to test the environment before appearing in the examination. The area where one is sitting for the examination should be well lit and free from all kinds of clutter. One must make sure that there are no unwanted noises nearby and the candidates face is very much visible to the online proctor so that there is no issue throughout the process. One must also make sure that one never indulges in any kind of suspicious activity for example cheating and it is highly preferable to go with the option of appearing for the examination in a locked room so that one can prevent the family and friends from entering that particular area at the time of appearing for the examination. Hence, in this way concentration will always be there and one will be prevented from all kinds of disturbances throughout the process which will help to make sure that one can very easily perform and score well. 

 One must be well versed in terms of computer configuration

It is very much important for the individuals to have the proper knowledge of computer configuration related systems so that unpredictable breakdowns are avoided. In this way, there will be no lags in the whole system and specifically, in the case of remote proctor examinations, the online test taker must be equipped with the Web camera and mike throughout the examination so that there is no issue and voice, as well as video of the person, is very much clear to the proctor. Hence, this will help in ensuring the integrity and trustworthiness elements of the process which will ultimately help to make sure that there is a high level of efficiency throughout the process.

The best part of these kinds of systems is that they help in enhancing the efficiency and is also a way of performing the self-analysis for the students so that privacy can be secured and integrity of the examinations can be maintained. These kinds of software from the student to read the guidelines before the test start. The test-takers will only proceed whenever they agree to all such guidelines and in this way, the instructors can also configure the guidelines depending upon the whole case. Nowadays with the advancements in technology, these kinds of systems also come with artificial intelligence concepts and facial recognition so that integrity and authenticity of the examination are further increased. Hence, going with the option of proctoring solution the candidates must be very much careful and should have a comprehensive idea about the whole concept so that they can appear in the examination very easily and can score well so that they can develop a career as per the goals set in their life.

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