Sneak Peak Into What’s In Store For Queens Season 1 Episode 2

ABC’s new music drama Queens is about four ladies from New York’s titular borough who were renowned for a brief moment 20 years ago and are now reuniting after leading quite different lives since then.

The Nasty B*tches, to close out the BET Awards in the previous episode. To read about episode 1 recap, go to the bottom of the page. In order to mentally prepare for the upcoming episode. From comes the trailer and synopsis for Abc’s  Queens titled “Heart of Queens,”

Queens (2021) Episode 2 Synopsis:  While Brianna deals with the shattering truths of her marriage, Jill risks losing the safe community she has built for herself when she decides it is time to stop living a lie and comes clean about who she really is. Meanwhile, after a fateful meeting with Cam’ron, Naomi struggles with finally putting herself.

Queens Season 1 Episode 2 Release Date

‘Queens’ Season 1 Episode 2 will release on ABC on October 26, 2021, at 10:00 ET Every Tuesday at the same time.  If anything else happens to the schedule, your prior session will keep you informed.

Queens Season 1 Episode 1 Recap

We cut to the members of Nasty Bitches doing today. Because she has 5 children, Brianna (Eve) Professor Sex has put her music career on hold. She’s seen at the supermarket in sweats. Insufferable migraines plague her college professor husband (RonReaco Lee). Brianna surprises him with some sexy times during the day and finds him falling asleep with one of his students. Jill (Naturi Naughton) is married to Darren (Emerson Brooks), a diocesan priest.

They’re trying for a baby, but Jill really wants to see Tina (Felisha Terrell). Naomi (Brandy Norwood) aka Xplicit Lyrics sings her ballads in Nashville. Her 20-year-old daughter Jojo (Precious Way) is enraged that her mother chose fame over her. Lastly, Valeria (Nadine Velasquez) is a LA morning TV anchor. She coerces her rivals into saying racist things on air, then “volunteers” to host.

Sneak Peak Into What's In Store For Queens Season 1 Episode 2

The Nasty Bitches’ old manager Eric Jones (Taylor Sele) wants them to perform with Lil Muffin (Pepi Sonuga) at the BET Awards when their song “Nasty Girl” returns to the radio. Several issues: Even though Eric ended up with neither of them, he still flirts with both and sleeps with Naomi today.

Jill can’t do the explicit stuff because of her church affiliations, but she’s dying to come out. They all agree, except Valeria, who rejoins after being fired from her TV job for drugging the host. In the event of an overdose, the women rally around Lil Muffin aka Lauren, with Jill particularly inspiring her to skip the show and go to rehab. Lauren has to perform, but she gives her slot to the reconciled Nasty Bitches, which is good.


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