Sky Rojo Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Netflix Renewal Status and Everything Else

Sky Rojo is a brand new Original series from Netflix, which Alex Pina heads. A few days ago, Sky Rojo released an entire season on Netflix, and the streaming giant claims that the series will be back for a second season run. The article comprises all the details regarding the forthcoming second season alongside its release date.

Sky Rojo is considered one of the most ambitious projects right out of Spain. The series’s central characters comprise three women who seek freedom to escape their old inglorious lifestyle as prostitutes for a club. Given that the women want a different life now, their bosses do not wish the same.

After several production and filming delays due to COVID-19, the series finally released its first season on the 19th of March 2021.

Sky Rojo Season 2

Sky Rojo Season 2: Renewal Status

When Netflix has commissioned the series, the streaming platform also ordered for the second season last year.

It is not exponentially rare for the streaming giant to commission several seasons beforehand. The same happened with Ratched as the makers and people at Netflix want the fans to conclude.

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Sky Rojo’s performance on Netflix

The series was released on Netflix a few days ago, so it is currently hard to tell how the first season has performed. In the Spanish-speaking regions, the show did manage to make an incredible impression, but in the other areas, it is still gaining momentum at the time of time.

At the time of writing, the series has reached the number-1 spot in Spain. Moreover, both Money Heist and Sky Rojo share the same creator, so that people might turn to the series sooner or later due to the cult following Money Heist. A day after its release, Sky Rojo became the sixth most-popular series globally, so there is hope that the series will become mainstream.

Sky Rojo Season 2

Martinez Lobato revealed that they knowingly set the far very low for Sky Rojo. Lobato continues: the series packs adult content more; hence this provides the avenue that the series will not find a place among the young audience. In the beginning, people associated with the series also have moderate expectations due to their previous groundbreaking work that brought them to the map and reached a global audience.

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What can fans expect from the second season of Sky Rojo?

The revelations include the spoilers, so if you want to go ahead and read them, better watch the series. At the end of the season finale, Coral is seen trying to save Romeo’s life after he incurs cardiac arrest before getting a sword through his head. However, Coral helped Romeo since he had both money and passports from the club’s safe, which the band of girls needs to start a new life.

Moses, played by Miguel Angel Silvestre, is stuck in the car and trying to breathe as the vehicle is stuck in a construction lot. The finale did set up the questions and aftermath for the second season.

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