Six smart kitchen accessories that make your life easier in 2020: Kitchen of the future

For many people, the kitchen is the best place in the house. As it is where the family gathers to tell how the day went. With the trend of gourmet kitchens, this room has gained even more prominence, becoming a true oasis of good living. In this context, the kitchen of the future also appears, combining maximum functionality with the proposal of this environment.

If you are interested in the subject, start reading this post. Here, we list six high tech accessories to optimize your routine in the kitchen without giving up the aesthetics of the room. Follow the post, and surprise yourself.

Smart refrigerators, smart Rotimatic roti maker, information pans, automatic utensils, etc., and so many other items are slowly arriving in our kitchens. After all, they facilitate our daily lives, bringing more practicality, and agility in preparing meals.

Six smart kitchen accessories that make your life easier in 2020: Kitchen of the future

In the Near Future

Before entering the universe of high tech utensils already found on the market, let’s present some concepts that are still in development, and promise to win the kitchens in the near future. Refrigerators will soon also have sensors capable of pointing out whether food is spoiling or near its expiration date. Another futuristic proposal has to do with the stoves, which in the future present cameras inside the oven for will better monitoring when preparing recipes. Have you ever thought about following that ham roasting in the oven, even when you’re away from home, on your cell phone screen? Sooner or later we will do these things. But till now, let’s see the details.


Nowadays, refrigerator models with automatic water and ice dispensers are common, as well as digital temperature monitoring panels. Some even smarter versions also have coffee dispensers, and even that cold beer. Wonderful, isn’t it? The most modern models with built in Wi-Fi connection, and touch screen, already attract the attention of many futuristic consumers. Not to mention the more luxurious versions of the item, which feature recognition technology that allows us to find food without needing that fridge opener, keeping the internal temperature constant and saving energy.


Replacing the conventional stove with the modern cooktop is no longer new. After all, it cannot be denied that cooktops are much more practical for daily use, especially considering the ease of cleaning. Not to mention the minimalist design of the piece, which helps to guarantee that cleaner atmosphere, typical of contemporary kitchens. When we talk about the kitchen of the future, the cooktop could not be left out. The most technological proposals are the models that include burners operating by convection. That is, which light under the glass while the food is prepared on the counter. The control can be done by touch screen, either by cell phone or through specific panels.


Pans were perhaps the first utensils to incorporate more futuristic concepts, starting with the already famous air fryer, and derivative type pans. But, far beyond electric fryers, have you ever thought about having an automated frying pan that tells you the ideal temperature for frying food, and the number of times it needs to be turned, or stirred? Yeah! This equipment is a true must have of the kitchen of the future and is already available in the specialized market. And, since we’re talking about high-tech kitchen appliances, we can’t ignore talking about another great ally of the kitchen – Rotimatic Roti maker, you can know more about rotimatic on vidhyashomecooking. Roti maker is not new in the market. Previously, all of them were manually driven. But, as time goes, technology has changed our lives, and so kitchen appliances. Roti maker is no different. Rotimatic has seen the importance of it, and has presented the first smart roti maker appliance to us. Now eating fluffy Roti, crispy Puri is a matter of time. India’s fist Roti maker appliance with smart control.


Do you know when we carelessly break a piece of that wonderful tea set? However, mirrored crockery appeared just to put an end to this unique cup dilemma. Thus, if any part of the set should break, just replace it with another one, which will reflect the exact pattern of the saucer. Here is another great advantage behind the mirrored tableware proposal. Experts suggest that the mere presence of the mirror would inhibit exaggeration in meals, as the apparent volume of food on the plate would sharpen the “dining room” consciousness. Makes sense, agree?


Nothing more functional and hygienic than opening the trash without having to touch your hands, right? That is why automatic waste bins have also conquered their space in modern kitchens. They work by means of sensors that activate the opening mechanisms according to the proximity of the object, with plenty of time for waste disposal, and without contact with the surface. Saving water is another advantage that exists behind the electronic mechanism of the dumps. Since, there will be no need to wash your hand so many times during the preparation of meals. Available in several models on the market, automatic waste bins are perfect not only for the kitchen, but also for any environment that demands practicality and agility.


If coffee machines have already taken a captive place on the kitchen counter, we can say that tea machines have been following the same path. You may even find the old manual way of making tea more charming by resting the herbs in the cup. But, without a doubt, with a specific equipment for this you save your time and guarantee a much more tasty tea. Since the preparation is automated, and makes the most of the ingredients.

Conclusion: Utensils already available in the kitchen of the future

Did you see? Composing a kitchen of the future can be much easier than you think. It is clear that some of these home automation systems are still in the development stage, and may take some time to reach the markets. On the other hand, several utensils are already available to facilitate your daily life, and speed up the preparation of meals. Remember, before buying any kitchen appliances, reading their full specification, use, customer reviews are important. Likewise, if you are buying a roti maker, do not forget to read Rotimatic reviews online.

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