Woman Marries Man Who Was Sentenced For Murdering Of Her Brother

Nothing, including murder, seemed to be able to stand in the way of love. Only time will tell whether her new husband’s affection will be enough to overcome the psychological agony of an allegedly bloody past.

Woman Marries Man Who Was Sentenced For Murdering Of Her Brother

Crystal Straus donned a pink gown and prepared to walk down the aisle in Cleveland On August 7, 2021, a controversial choice. The lovely woman married John Tiedjen, the man who was convicted of murdering her brother, Brian McGary, in 1989.

In the yard of Straus’s house, Tiedjen and his bride exchanged vows. Due to Tiedjen’s house imprisonment, the wedding was thrown together at the last minute.

This new husband had to rush to get dressed for the momentous event, scrounging up a bouquet, a dress shirt, and shoes in the nick of time.

The ceremony itself, while sensitive and honest, was surrounded by grim reminders, echoing her statement. While his defense lawyer served as the officiant, Tiedjen’s ankle monitor beeped.

Woman Marries Man Who Was Sentenced For Murdering Of Her Brother

McGary and Tiedjen had been close family friends since they were children, and Straus had known him since he was a child. With this level of acquaintance, Tiedjen’s conviction for her brother’s murder came as a shock.

The fingerprints of Straus’s spouse allegedly were found over the gun used to murder her brother, resulting in a life sentence. McGary was discovered with a hole of the bullet in his forehead and many stab wounds in an apartment he shared with Tiedjen.

The defendant also claimed he was forced to confess; he is currently out on bond and under home arrest, awaiting his retrial on August 31, 2021.

Straus began their relationship with the inmate by writing a letter of forgiveness to the offender. The case’s intricacy undoubtedly supports this argument. Many elements are at play, with one theory claiming that McGary committed suicide rather than being murdered.

Woman Marries Man Who Was Sentenced For Murdering Of Her Brother

Another couple has captivated the public’s attention, albeit not as dark and heartbreaking as Straus and Tiedjens love story. A 61-year-old grandmother got engaged to a 24-year-old man recently.

Quran McCain met Cheryl McGregor, 61 when he was 15, but they didn’t establish love feelings until 2020. They continue to push cultural limits, even creating an OnlyFans account to distribute some of their R-18 material.

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