Shylock Full movie download leaked online soon after its release is trending

Shylock is a Malayalam Language action film directed by Ajai Vasudev. the film stars Mammotty, Meena, Siddique, Raj Kiran in main roles. The film will be released on 23rd January 2020. The film was written by the newbies Aneesh Hameed and Bibin Mohan. Initially, the film was proposed to release on November 21, Later delayed to release during Christmas. Again finally, scheduled to release in January.

The background score and songs of the film are composed by Gopi Sundar, Ranadive is the cinematography, and the film got edited by Riyas K Badhar. This film is bilingual as it will get released in the Tamil Language too on the same day titled Kuberan.

Shylock Full movie download leaked online

The film Shylock got leaked by pirates on its release day itself. These days, every film is getting leaked online as piracy has become a common threat in every industry. But Mammotty’s film getting leaked surprised the fans and film lovers. This might affect the collections of the film.

Film Piracy has become a serious issue, almost each and every film gets leaked in its first two or three days. There are still a lot of people who watch films by downloading from piracy sites. Most of us don’t know that Piracy is strictly an offense as it is an illegal practice and also Punishable according to law.

Films like Shylock will have a big cast and are made with Huge budgets. These films will get shot at different locations and a lot of hard work will be there for making these films. These kinds of big films are needed to be watched only on theatres as it gives the best experience, unlike piracy.

According to sources, the film was made with a budget of around 50 Cr. So, the film must perform well in order to get better collections. The audience has to experience this and judge the film before piracy and all happens. We should hope the film will get removed from online and achieve break-even at the box-office.

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