Showtime Renews ‘City On A Hill’ for Season 3 – Release Date and Cast

Showtime’s new crime drama ‘City on a Hill’ already has been one of the best TV Series out there. The gritty drama featuring the Hollywood legend Kevin Bacon alongside Aldis Hodge has been renewed for a third season.

By the looks of it, the series will return for yet another eight-episode run in season 3. Moreover, the production of the series is all set to resume in the heart of New York in late 2021. The series will further premiere in 2022.

City on a Hill Season 3: Pre-production Details

Tom Fontana will be returning as the showrunner and the executive producer of City on a Hill. Additionally, Chuck MacLean, who created the series, will also resume his role as the executive producer for the third season. However, McLean will not return as one of the primary writers of the series.

The series was inspired by the notable actor Ben Affleck, and MacLean added fire to the gasoline. Affleck will also return as one of the exec producers like the first couple of seasons.

City on a Hill Season 3: Plot

In the second season, the series revolved around the federal housing project location in Roxbury, Boston. The neighborhood was plagued with rightful distrust with local law enforcement and drug violence.

The third season will pick up from Jackie Rohr, an FBI agent who gets forcefully ousted from the intelligence agency because of his shady past. The second season’s ending was powerful as the central character was pushed into a corner where his back is against a wall.

City on a Hill Season 3: Cast and Crew’s return

The primary characters of both first and the second season will return for the third run. Alongside the actors, Matt Damon, Jennifer Todd, Aldis Hodge, Michele Giordano will also be returning as the co-executive producers of the series.


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